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Wuzhen conference closing AI bright spot vanpu Jinke Dong Qi talks about new applications of Intelligent Finance

Wuzhen conference closing AI bright spot vanpu Jinke Dong Qi talks about new applications of Intelligent Finance

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original title: Wuzhen conference closing AI bright spot vanpu Jinke Dong Qi talks about new applications of Intelligent Finance

the world's first AI virtual anchor, AI doctor Driverless cars... This year's Wuzhen conference can stop the destruction of land and sea, so it is a stage for the all-round display of artificial intelligence. On November 9, the three-day fifth world interconnection conference closed in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province. The conference showcased the achievements of scientific and technological innovation and witnessed the arrival of the era of "everyone is a practitioner of artificial intelligence"

Dong Qi, founding partner and CEO of fanpujinke, attended the artificial intelligence sub forum of Wuzhen conference and said in an interview: "the era of artificial intelligence is not a trend, but the present. The next outlet of financial technology is not artificial intelligence itself, but how to apply artificial intelligence to make greater contributions."

(Dong Qi, founding partner and CEO of fanpujinke)

AI accelerates financial technology innovation

looking at the world, the application of AI in all walks of life is the general trend. Dong Qi believes that "artificial intelligence is a basic technology that can be combined with many industries because the viscous strain inside the sample continues to grow over time". For example, artificial intelligence + medical treatment, artificial intelligence + education, etc. artificial intelligence plays a role in the industry, amplifying the function of the industry itself, so as to accelerate the development of society. The application of artificial intelligence in the financial field will bring changes to the financial industry at the basic level and play an important role in improving the construction of the financial system

as a financial technology company, since its establishment in 2013, fanpujinke has adhered to the concept of "Data-Driven business, technology changes finance", continued to explore the integration of artificial intelligence and other technologies with finance, and is committed to realizing the corporate mission of "making everyone enjoy simple and fair Internet financial services" to give finance a temperature

Dong Qi said that the application of vanpu Jinke in artificial intelligence mainly focuses on three aspects: first, get customers more accurately, that is, KYC. Applying AI and big data technology to establish customer acquisition models and depict user portraits can gradually deepen the understanding of users' living conditions and personal preferences on the basis of understanding users' financial consumption habits. Second, enhance risk management and anti fraud capabilities. The application of artificial intelligence technology enables fanpujinke to conduct more dimensional analysis of a customer, and through continuous machine learning, improve artificial intelligence to detect potential risks and fraud, so as to improve the level of enterprise risk control. Third, optimize the cost structure. In the past, it took days or even weeks to audit customers' data in the traditional way. Now with the help of AI decision-making, it can greatly improve the operation efficiency and optimize the cost structure of enterprises

Intelligent Finance deeply enables social construction

as the "blood" of the development of the real economy, finance enables the development of all walks of life. As a cutting-edge scientific and technological achievement, artificial intelligence will fully enable the development of the financial industry and provide a new way to practice Inclusive Finance and targeted poverty alleviation. For example, by virtue of the technological advantages of artificial intelligence, big data and so on, fintech enterprises can penetrate the long tail users that are difficult to reach in traditional financial prediction at a lower cost, serve more individuals and small, medium and micro enterprises, make up for the deficiencies in traditional financial services, and open a natural channel for the practice of Inclusive Finance

at the same time, smart finance also plays a great role in targeted poverty alleviation. Through big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, financial institutions can accurately "portrait" farmers, accurately identify various poverty alleviation needs, and flexibly and efficiently allocate poverty alleviation capital resources. For example, in the field of "financial technology + agriculture, rural areas and farmers", fanpujinke has launched strategic cooperation with Yangling District of Shaanxi Province to explore the establishment of a financial technology service system for farmers that conforms to the actual development. In terms of "fintech + poverty alleviation", the "rural kindling plan" was launched in cooperation with Youcheng entrepreneur poverty alleviation foundation, and supported small and micro entrepreneurs returning home to start businesses in Guangxi, Qinghai, Guizhou and other places to help transform local traditional business forms

it can be said that in the key propositions of financial poverty alleviation, serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and the real economy, AI plays a role of science and technology to effectively enhance the enabling role of finance. In addition, in the field of social construction, the impact of artificial intelligence is also extensive and fundamental. As Dong Qi said, "just like the emergence of electricity, it benefits not only power companies, but all aspects of society. In the future, with the application of Intelligent Finance in all aspects of life, it will bring more benefits to society."

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