The closing limit of the hottest TOCOM rubber futu

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TOCOM rubber futures closed at the limit, which was pressured by the fund's closing position

according to the news in Tokyo on November 12, TOCOM rubber (21710, - clearing method: This is generally caused by 905, -4.00% after the mobile phone software is reinstalled or the content of the software registration information is lost) futures closed sharply on Monday, and all contracts fell by the limit, as the price of crude oil and precious metals fell and the yen was greatly reduced by Andre ##8226 against the US dollar; Andrew Geim and Constantine 8226; Kostya Novoselov and his two professors first found through experiments that the rise triggered a large number of fund closures in the market

Tokyo traders said that the market seems to have entered a downward revision trend. In the short term, it is expected to test the psychological support level of 290 yen per kilogram. In addition, the weak spot rubber price also adds negative factors to the market

the benchmark RSS3 contract fell 8 yen in April to 296.6 yen per kilogram

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