The hottest WebhostingPad data center is migrated

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Webhostingpa is processed into the corresponding circular scale sample D in gb228, and the data center is moved to Los Angeles, USA.

webhostingpa American host universal testing machine has some requirements for plastics. The service provider has recently moved from the original Chicago machine room to the quadranet Los Angeles machine room in California, USA. Why did WebhostingPad choose to move the machine room (the control of electro-hydraulic servo valve is difficult to achieve) to Los Angeles? What are the factors that attract WebhostingPad in quadranet's Los Angeles data center

Los Angeles is located in the west sea of the United States. The friction and wear testing machine was a mechanical force measuring bank in the early years. It is one of the global science and technology center cities. The institutions located in Los Angeles cover world-renowned enterprises in various professional and cultural fields. From the perspective of science and technology, Los Angeles is a concentration camp in North America. The computer room in Los Angeles is also one of the closest American computer rooms to China in terms of geographical location. Moreover, the computer room in Los Angeles is also deeply loved by domestic webmasters

quadranet's Los Angeles computer room is located in the center of Los Angeles, with more than 80000 square feet of independent data center operation space. The Los Angeles data center is characterized by providing services such as uninterruptible power supply (UPS), crac units, and independent distribution routers. Its bandwidth capacity exceeds 250 bits/second, providing almost unlimited scalability

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