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when used in conjunction with other production processes, rotary offset printing can achieve maximum production value

the quality of rotary offset printing is never in doubt, but its cost price hinders the use of this process. However, the new generation of rotary offset printing equipment has been greatly improved. When used together with offset printing or other printing processes, higher quality can be obtained at a lower cost. Due to its online capability and speed advantages, it is believed that rotary offset printing will soon be adopted by more printers

last year's Labelexpo exhibition participants witnessed examples of conversion to multi process. For example, RDP marathon focuses on the LF series of variable step web printing machines to increase the service life of the experimental machine, which can be used to exchange printing plug-ins with lithography, flexo, silk printing, waterless printing and gravure hybrid printing equipment

because this printing method is very flexible, you can choose the appropriate printing process according to the requirements of each printing part - offset printing for four-color printing, flexo printing for special coating, silk printing for high ink deposition, gravure printing for metal effect, etc

Nilpeter, a company producing hybrid rotary offset printing, recently launched the first generation of the 13 "m-3300 series, the 20" m-5200. These printers feature a platform slide in system that allows the replacement of print boxes without the use of tools, as well as off-line print preparation. The important performance of the equipment is that it has the structure from one live print, and also has the function of changing the device setting from a microporous part that is difficult to obtain by conventional 3D printing to another live part. According to insiders, ilpeter company has the functions of UV flexo printing and UV silk printing, as well as film covering, embossing, bronzing, die cutting and other functions

offset printing can be well combined with UV flexo printing, which can provide a larger printing range and better field ink coverage. Brandtjen Kluge regards the latest UV flexo printing performance provided by its rotary offset printing system as the most significant development of the company's printing machine production. Because this can greatly expand the production range of the printing press

investigation on improvement

recently, rotary offset printing has become more and more close to the sheet fed printing business, which is widely known. The marketing director of Heidelberg's speedmaster102 sheet fed printing machine believes that online technologies, including printing, hot foil stamping, window pasting and die cutting, provide the company with opportunities to find new and scalable customers

at first, Heidelberg company has been hesitating because the focus of rotary offset printing is on long version printing and it is not easy to change the printing plate. Now, Gallus tcs250 intermittent web printing machine is ideal for short and medium version printing, and supports lead printing and silk printing, which is completely suitable for individual printing mode. Since tcs250 requires format independent accessories, the overhead of special parts is reduced

printing machine manufacturers are preparing to carry out various transformation of printing machines. The printing industry has many special needs. Many people need more colors and more special colors, as well as special layers and high resolution. Therefore, Stevens has been trying to improve the registration accuracy of its web management system. Moreover, Stevens has also added larger rollers to the ink supply system in some models of equipment to reduce fogging

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