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Weitaishixin was invited to participate in the 2015 big data ecosystem summit

ctiforum on December 11 (Li Wenjie): on November 25, 2015, Beijing weitaishixin Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the 2015 big data ecosystem summit held at the National Conference Center. As a leader in the field of multimedia communication, Weitai Shixin company participated in this exhibition and comprehensively displayed the company's latest research and development achievements and industry application solutions

the vigorous development of cloud computing, IOT and other markets has further enhanced the expansion of the big data market. The big data market has not only become one of the focuses of IT channel ecology, but also brought more development opportunities for the multimedia communication industry. With a keen grasp of the development trend of the industry market, Weitai Shixin company has deeply expanded in the field of big data, and timely launched cloud service Internet video system, intelligent streaming media storage and scheduling management system and other related products. At this exhibition, weitaishixin company brought a series of new products and a number of industry solutions to the exhibition, which gave a wonderful interpretation of weitaishixin company's professional, high-end and leading products and services in the field of multimedia communication

during the exhibition, the booth of Weitai Shixin company attracted a large number of visitors from various industries. Exhibitors used this exhibition to have extensive technical and business communication with visitors, and introduced in detail the video communication products of Weitai Shixin company and its remarkable achievements in key industries. The audience showed great interest in the products and related solutions of weitaishixin company, and expressed admiration for the business development speed of weitaishixin company in recent years. During the exhibition (6) sensor indication clearing, hundreds of promotional materials such as the color pages and industry case collections of the company's products were accessed by the audience at the booth. 1. The design idea was empty, and many audiences who did not get the information took the initiative to leave contact information, hoping to establish contact with the company through e-mail and other means

as a professional and high-end multimedia communication solution, Beijing weitaishixin Technology Co., Ltd. provides us with Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., which specializes in the production of universal experimental machine manufacturers. Adhering to the concept of scientific and technological innovation and application, and professional achievements in the future, it has launched a series of customized products and overall solutions. The professional products and services provided are widely used in many fields, such as video conference, video transmission, radio and television transmission, video centralized control and so on. With its outstanding technical achievements, rich product portfolio and professional service strength, Weitai Shixin company has users in telecom operators, government agencies, public security departments, large enterprises, education and health care and other industries

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