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Weekly focus: the 12th Five Year Plan of the equipment industry begins to appear, and the target is a powerful equipment manufacturing country

weekly focus: the 12th Five Year Plan of the equipment industry begins to appear, and the target is a powerful equipment manufacturing country

information on China's construction machinery

Guide: the 12th Five Year Plan of the equipment industry begins to appear, and the target is a powerful equipment manufacturing country. Wen Jiabao believes that this year is the most complex year for China's economic situation, and the new plan for the west is being formulated. Construction machinery enterprises should speed up the layout, and engineering accidents frequently alarm It still needs the prospect and trend analysis of the development of Changming mining machinery in 2010. China's high-speed rail era is coming. The next three years will enter the harvest period. The two expansion projects will be merged into a foregone conclusion. Vale requires the price of iron ore to rise by 100%

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the 12th Five Year Plan for the equipment industry has initially appeared. The goal of becoming a powerful equipment manufacturing country

Abstract: for the equipment manufacturing industry, 2010 is a relatively special year. On the one hand, it still needs to pay attention to the practical problem of the weak foundation of economic recovery. On the other hand, it must also take into account the role of piloting the development of the 12th Five Year Plan. In the face of severe and complex international and domestic situations, accelerating structural adjustment and the transformation of development mode and striving to build a powerful country in equipment manufacturing are major strategic tasks during the 12th Five Year Plan period. Detailed

link: Machinery Industry: equipment manufacturing industry of strategic emerging industries

Wen Jiabao believes that this year is the most complicated year for China's economic situation

Abstract: at the press conference at the end of this year's national two sessions, Premier Wen Jiabao recently said that if China wants to maintain economic growth and stimulate development this year, it will face great difficulties in recent days, but China will never be forced to raise the RMB exchange rate—— With the recent slight friction with the United States, Premier Wen said, "we hope the United States can deal with this issue head-on in order to restore and improve Sino US relations." Abstract: this year is the 10th year of the national implementation of the western development strategy. From the current situation, the national policy trend of the new 10-year western development plan has become increasingly clear, and the construction machinery enterprises should speed up the layout as soon as possible to seize the first opportunity. The rich natural resources in the western region leave a huge market space for construction machinery and equipment, which is expected to become a new growth point of the industry in the future. Detailed

[6300 line of sight]

frequent engineering accidents, the alarm bell still needs to ring for a long time

Abstract: in the past two years, appalling bridge and construction engineering accidents have occurred one after another in China. Analysts in the construction machinery information industry believe that a large number of infrastructure construction projects have been launched in a hurry, with large and small safety accidents, resulting in a large number of tofu dregs, and the quality of the project and the safety of public life are often sacrificed. There are still lessons to be learned, and the alarm bell still needs to ring. Detailed

[industry observation]

development prospect and trend analysis of mining machinery in 2010

Abstract: in view of the development trend of mining machinery industry in 2010, Guilin Hongcheng said that the next year will be a year when the world's mining industry has also given us great support for the rapid growth of mining machinery industry, especially for domestic mining machinery equipment manufacturers in China, development opportunities are rare. The development trend of crushers, mills and other mining machinery and equipment is large-scale, digital intelligence and ecological energy conservation. Detailed

in 2009, the economic operation of China's machine tool industry was stable and good

Abstract: in 2009, the development of China's machine tool industry showed a trend of front inhibition and back improvement, and the overall stability and good. The decline in profits of the whole industry narrowed, the loss of enterprises continued to narrow, the industry investment maintained a high growth rate, the market demand continued to develop to the high end, and the market share of domestic machine tools further increased. Detailed

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the demand for bulldozers increased steadily in February, and the export market should be cautious

[enterprise connection]

the annual report of the third listed Sichuan enterprise was released, and the China Railway Erju Group Co., Ltd., Sichuan Langsha Holding Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Tianyi Technology Co., Ltd. released the 2009 annual report. China Railway Erju achieved a net profit of 684million yuan last year, with a year-on-year increase of 34.24%, and earnings per share of 0.4688 yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 34.25%. Detailed

Liugong carried out a national small machinery tour to promote its own brand

Abstract: on March 16, the first stop of the tour was launched in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province. The purpose of Liugong's tour is to change the current situation of foreign goods' domination by allowing China to develop small machinery products with independent property rights, excellent product quality and better price than foreign products. The Malaysian side regards China as the most sincere and reliable friend. China's "high-speed rail era" is coming, and the next three years will enter the harvest period. Abstract: there is no demand for modified plastics every year. It will be three years of harvest for online vehicle manufacturing, offline engineering construction, and high-speed rail travel within the scope of the National People's Congress. In addition, overseas high-speed rail construction is a huge market, and China's high-speed rail construction technology can fully rely on low-cost advantages to obtain overseas markets. Online + offline gold combination, China's high-speed rail will go abroad sooner or later. Detailed

link: medium and high-speed rail speeds up the pace of going out to acquire projects in more than 50 countries and regions

the steel industry blows the storm of adjustment, and more than 40% of the production capacity is deployed to the coast, which is blocked

Abstract: however, a year has passed, Guangxi Fangchenggang steel project, which is regarded as a "Life Project" by WISCO, has not only not been officially approved by the state to start construction, but also been requested by the national development and Reform Commission to postpone the construction, "choose the right time to go again". This means that the transformation of WISCO to coastal steel enterprises has stalled. Details

[overseas intelligence]

the Indian market is huge, and Chinese welding equipment enterprises are looking for business opportunities

Abstract: on February 10, the Chinese society of mechanical engineering organized a delegation to participate in the Indian welding and cutting exhibition held in Mumbai, India. At the exhibition, customers had warm negotiations and more cooperation intentions. According to incomplete statistics, Chinese exhibitors received more than 1180 customers at the exhibition, with an intended transaction amount of more than 4.3 million US dollars. Detailed

link: the British economic stimulus exit mechanism is at a crossroads

the Japanese government has raised the basic judgment of economic prosperity for the first time in eight months

the merger of the two expansion projects seems to be a foregone conclusion. Vale requires a 100% increase in the price of iron ore

Abstract: the global mining giant BHP Billiton said, The company and Rio Tinto, another major mining giant, will formally finalize the deal to establish an iron ore project in 2010. Luo Bingsheng, executive vice president of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, said that Brazilian mining giant vale S.A. proposed to Chinese steel enterprises to increase the benchmark price of iron ore in 2010 by 90% - 100%. Detailed

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