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"Weather resistant ABS material" passed the appraisal in Guangzhou

recently, the "weather resistant ABS material" researched and developed by jusailong Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. passed the appraisal of Guangzhou Science and Technology Commission

due to the spraying process of domestic ABS in the application of household appliances and other fields to eliminate the defect of post discoloration, this not only increases the cost of products, but also the process is complex and reduces the production efficiency. 3. Balancing machine (including field balancing instrument);, Therefore, this kind of material can be imported by adopting virtual instrument technology. To solve this problem, the "weather resistant ABS material" developed by jusailong Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. eliminates the complex process of spraying on the surface of products in process, and solves the problem of discoloration by improving the weather resistance of the material itself. After long-term storage, the color remains good. The material has passed hundreds of tons of application tests of Kelon Air Conditioning Co., Ltd

the appraisal committee agreed that the "weather resistant ABS material" researched and developed by jusailong Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. is suitable for the manufacture of plastic parts such as air conditioner shell and washing machine panel. It has the characteristics of excellent weather resistance, flexible color design and good processing performance, and has simple production process, reasonable formula, stable quality and can replace imports

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