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One week cultural lecture │ artificial intelligence and megacities

original title: one week cultural lecture │ artificial intelligence and megacities

Beijing | Feng Jicai's new book launch of the monocular telescope

time: December 28 (Friday) 13:: 30

place: People's Literature Publishing House

guest: Feng Jicai

Feng Jicai's monocular telescope was recently launched by the people's Literature Publishing House. This novel with nearly 150000 words is another masterpiece of Feng Jicai after yihequan and prequel to the magic lamp. On the afternoon of December 28, a new book press conference of the novel will be held in the people's Literature Publishing House. Interested readers can communicate face-to-face with Mr. Feng Jicai

Beijing | hear the wind far away and close | the reading and sharing meeting of the book of drinks

time: December 29 (Saturday) 14:: 00

location: Beijing skp4f

No. 87 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District guests: Li Jingze, Qiu Huadong, Lu Min, Liang Hong, Xu Zechen, etc.

the book of drinks contains a series of essays published by Li Jingze in the October magazine column in recent years, It is another masterpiece of his after "Bluebird tales" and "singing and returning". Li Jingze will communicate with readers on site and recite for readers with guests. Listen to the wind, listen to Li Jingze and his friends "drink"...

Beijing Jiang Laodao "Eclipse: eat your life in your favorite way" Sisyphus Bookstore new book sharing meeting

time: December 29 (Saturday) 19:: 30

location: Chaoyang District Blue Harbor International Business District

guest: Jiang Laodao (author, director, founder of the cannery)

a group of people, a cat, eat one a day. Making delicious food with heart and giving unique meaning to it with emotions and stories are the way Jiang Laodao likes to record life. Jiang Laodao said, "food is not the adjustment of my life, but an important existence to help me tide over difficulties." The life with various flavors sometimes needs a little time to heal, or a piece of cake

Beijing | Shakespeare and modern literature: your last contact with Shakespeare

time: January 1 (Tuesday) 15:: 00

location: room 3025, floor 3, Aegean Sea shopping center, No. 12 Qisheng middle street, Chaoyang District

guest: Brett Gamboa, Professor of English literature, Department of English, Dartmouth College

"Shakespeare used language to the extreme, surpassing any literati we have recorded." The rich vocabulary, vivid metaphors and humorous effects caused by polysemy in Shakespeare's works have a far-reaching impact on modern literature. On the first day of the Gregorian new year, Brett Gamboa, Professor of English literature in the English Department of Dartmouth College, will meet with you in one-way space to tell you about "Shakespeare's influence on Modern Literature"

Shanghai Liang Wendao × Wang zhanhei × Shen Dacheng: young writer's "realism"

time: December 28 (Friday) 14:: 00

location: baopo Shanghai Xintiandi flagship store (No. 17, Lane 181, Taicang Road), Huangpu District

guests: Liang Wendao, Wang zhanhei, Shen Dacheng

colorful application operation, convenient for Shanghai Street heroes, and the marginal people of Mercedes Benz in the magic imagination. Has the boundary of daily life and fantasy written by young writers been gradually eliminated in the current realistic context? At the Shanghai station of "baopo · Republic young writers forum" at the end of 2018, Mr. Liang Wendao will talk with Wang zhanhei, the first prize winner of the first baopo · Republic literature award, and Shen Dacheng, the shortlist writer: between daily life and fantasy, the "realism" of young writers

Shanghai | artificial intelligence and mega cities

time: 19:00-21:00 on December 28 (Friday)

location: RONGSHU Library (No. 150 Pucheng Road), floor 3, Lujiazui library, Pudong New Area

guest: Wu Chen (executive director of the economist Business Review)

if you want to choose a 2018 science and technology hot word, many people will vote for "artificial intelligence". With the rapid progress of technology, artificial intelligence, the "swallow in front of the hall", has already flown into the "home of ordinary people". The AI craze that stayed in science fiction has come to an end, and the discussion has turned to how to realize the application of AI in business. What is the relationship between AI and urban development? What changes will it bring to the city? What new ideas will be provided for urban development? Wu Chen, executive director of the economist business theory, was invited to talk about "artificial intelligence and megacities" with you at the last event of the theme month of "new hometown worries: exploring the future city" of the Lujiazui reading club

Shanghai | love that lovely thing: Sinan classic reading session No. 37 · Oliver's poem

time: 19:30-21:00 on December 28 (Friday)

location: second floor of e-stronger maker space, building 22, Sinan mansion, Lane 523, Fuxing Middle Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

guest: elegant culture Cao Xuefeng

Oliver wrote in the forest, which is her understanding of nature, emotion and faith, And how can we recognize the "lovely things" in life and "love the lovely things" in the city? At the last Sinan classic Recitation in 2018, Cao Xuefeng of Yazhong culture was invited to read the short, meaningful and Zen poetry of poet Oliver. "Look, at this moment, I will start a new day, full of happiness and gratitude."

Shanghai | spend the last Saturday of 2018 with poets and hot wine - reading appreciation of tabize's poetry collection autumn in olpiri

time: December 29 (Saturday) 19:: 30

place: No. 880 Hengshan Road Hengshan · Heji

guests: Luo Jia (poet and Russian poetry translator), Pan Wei (poet and national first-class writer)

gitian eugenivich tabize (1895-1937), Famous Georgian poet, one of the initiators of the "blue horn" literary organization of the Symbolist Poet School in the Soviet Union. Yuri tnyanov, a famous Russian literary theorist, wrote when commenting on tabize: 2. Put clean samples in order in the sample basket; Then put it into the low-temperature tank "I know how his poems are written... Tbilisi city is like his own house for gitian... For him, history is not books and books; no, history is in his heart, history is with him, and he has the same feeling for history, so for us, Russian art, Russian poetry, all these things that he loves and deeply understands, Tabize is so open and frank. " On the last Saturday of 2018, we will read tabize together

Shanghai | Shanghai as an urban theater -- Urban Rover and the city in his lens

time: December 30 (Sunday) 10:: 00

location: 80000 ton silo Art Center, No. 3, Minsheng Road, Pudong New Area

guest: see · dream - Celebrating the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up and the 28th anniversary of Pudong Development and opening up image art exhibition is being held at Minsheng art wharf 80000 ton silo Art Center, More than 300 photographic art works by 166 photographers and citizens tell the vicissitudes of Pudong. On December 30, the art and humanities Salon of "the way to watch" invited Gu Zheng, a famous scholar and professor of Fudan University College, to share his views on urban theater and urban photography from the perspective of "city and photography"

Shanghai yangyandi: Chinese orchestral music since the reform and opening up

time: 14:30 on December 30 (Sunday)

location: Multifunctional Hall on the fourth floor of the main entrance of Shanghai Library (No. 1555 Huaihai Middle Road)

guest: Yang Yandi

since entering the new era, Chinese orchestral music (especially symphony works other than symphonies, concertos, symphonic choruses, etc.) uses colorful national tones and folk elements as materials, It also draws beneficial nutrients from modern composition techniques, shows China's unique customs from a new perspective, and depicts China's special charm with bright colors with modern aesthetics. Domestic composers such as Zhu Jianer, Bao Yuankai, Yang Liqing, Zhao Jiping, ye Xiaogang, Guo Wenjing, Zhang Qianyi, Liu Yuan, Jia Daqun, ye Guohui, Qin Wenchen, etc. all pursue strong local Chinese characteristics and distinctive modern feelings in orchestral works. On the other hand, Chen Qigang, Tan Dun, Chen Yi, Sheng Zongliang, Zhou long and other overseas composers have further launched the dialogue and integration between China and the world on the international stage. Listen to Professor Yang Yandi of Shanghai Conservatory of music talk about the development of Chinese orchestral music since the reform and opening up

Shanghai sideways poetry meeting: wine glasses and bouquets of the night

time: 19:00 on December 30 (Sunday)

place: Writers' Association hall, No. 675 Julu road

all I have done is this/pick up the light wine glasses of the night/you are so nice/like the deep bouquet of the night/I can't see the branches behind at all. (Gu Cheng, "one person") at 19:00 on December 30, "wine glasses and bouquets of the night" 2018 sideways poetry meeting will be held in the Cupid garden, No. 675 Julu road

what Shanghai cultural relics will tell us - a new book sharing meeting of the minimalist Chinese history in the museum

time: 14:30 on December 31 (Monday)

location: Zhong shuge, Jing'an store, 4th floor, ruiou department store, No. 1601, Nanjing West Road, Jing'an District

guests: Zhang Jingwei, Zheng Shiliang, Wei Zhou

Zhang Jingwei is an anthropologist with professional consciousness who works in Shanghai Museum, Half the time in the work is buried in the desk in the office, and the other half is spent in field investigation. This month, Zhang Hezuo launched a new book, "minimalist Chinese history in museums", which is not only a popular science work of history and culture for ordinary readers, but also a guide on how to understand cultural relics in museums

Chengdu | "Tianfu culture into urban reading space series lectures" random talk on Sichuan food culture

time: 15:00 on December 29 (Saturday)

location: zhongshuge · Chengdu store, in99l4 floor, Yintai Center, No. 1199 north section of Tianfu Avenue

jiashijin pendulum film impact testing machine advantages guest: Chen Kai, vice president of Leshan Catering Association

in the Chinese nation that is good at eating, People in Sichuan province pay special attention to the taste and taste of food. Sichuan cuisine is spicy, while Sichuan is rich in products, with a wide variety of brewing condiments and planting condiments with good quality, such as Zigong well salt, Neijiang sugar, Deyang soy sauce, Pixian Douban, Maowen pepper, Yongchuan Douchi, Fuling mustard, Xufu sprouts, Nanchong winter vegetables, Xinfan pickled vegetables, etc. These high-quality ingredients provide rich raw materials for Sichuan's diet. Hot pot and Chuanchuan are the most familiar Sichuan cuisine. According to the research of historians, the ancient Bashu people have long had the dietary customs of "upholding taste" and "being spicy". On December 29, I listened to Chen Kai, vice president of Leshan Catering Association, talk about Bashu cuisine culture

Hangzhou | Paul Oster: literary night

time: December 29 (Saturday) 19:: 30

location: one-way space in Gongshu District, 3F art scene of leti port store in Hangzhou

guests: Bao Huiyi, BTR, Guo Guoliang, kongyalei

he is a master of contemporary American novels. Since the 1980s, he has produced 16 novels, nine anthologies/memoirs, five plays and six translations with amazing stability. The latest work "4321", published in early 2017, is an epic length with a thickness of more than 800 pages. Haruki Murakami once praised

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