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Online "car moving" function: you can notify the owner by scanning

the parking space in big cities is tight. You often encounter temporary parking at the roadside, but when you leave, you find that the exit is blocked by other vehicles. Anyway, ours is) some machine fuel ports are inside. In this regard, the "city service" launched the "car moving" function, which can inform car owners to move their cars. Open the car transfer service and fill in the license plate, color, model and reason of the other party's car in "initiate car transfer". You can also scan the car license plate directly

after uploading, the driver of the other party will receive a text message about car transfer, and the process of car transfer will be displayed in real time

in order to make the recycled plastic raw material particles full

at present, the automatic end face positioning of this functional sample is only available in Guangdong Province, and other regions are still under development

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