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Webasto's new factory and power battery R & D Center settled in Jiaxing

on April 3, Webasto, a global parts supplier, which specializes in producing accessories for lighting finished products enterprises, held the foundation laying ceremony of the new factory and the signing ceremony of the new energy power battery system R & D center in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province. This is another strategic step taken by Webasto after the opening of its new factory in Guangzhou on March 28. It has not only further expanded the production capacity of automotive sunroof in the Chinese market, but also made progress in the field of new energy solutions business

it is understood that the new factory located in Xiuzhou high tech Zone of Jiaxing will be the 11th production and manufacturing base established by Webasto in China. The base covers a total area of 96 Mu and will be constructed in two phases, with a total investment of more than 600million yuan. Among them, the first phase of the project, with an investment of 400million yuan, will be completed and put into trial operation in 2019, with a construction area of about 32000 square meters, including plant and office R & D building facilities. It will produce automotive skylight products, mainly high-end panoramic skylight products, with an annual production capacity of more than 1.5 million sets

in order to cope with the rapid growth of business in the Chinese market in recent years, Webasto has made great moves since 2018, first expanding the production base in Chongqing, and then putting into operation the new factory in Guangzhou. The foundation laying of Jiaxing factory is undoubtedly another strategic measure for Webasto in the Chinese market

"in 2017, our sales in China's later region exceeded 1billion euros, accounting for one third of the sales of Webasto group." Halliday, global board member of Webasto group, President and CEO of Asia, said. It also said that this investment in Jiaxing is a performance of Webasto's continuous attention to the Chinese market and continuous investment, and also a reflection of the company's "enhancement and participation" strategy

it is understood that the new plant will adopt the top manufacturing system and advanced management system of Webasto group. At the same time, 70% of the full range of automotive sunroof products produced by the new factory in Jiaxing are large-size panoramic automotive sunroof products. Among them, the top mounted openable panoramic sunroof is the leading sunroof technical solution in the Asia Pacific market at present. Therefore, the sunroof uses the impact energy per unit sectional area α K to judge toughness has been gradually eliminated at home and abroad. It is closely integrated with the car roof, with beautiful and dynamic shape and compact structure, which can provide a comfortable driving experience. After the new factory in Jiaxing is put into operation in 2019, the automotive skylight products produced will be mainly supplied to SAIC General Motors, SAIC Volkswagen, Geely, Zhongtai, Weilai, Weima, etc

at the same time, in order to meet the trend of vehicle electrification, Webasto also began to make plans in the field of new energy vehicles. On the day of the foundation laying ceremony of the new factory, the Webasto new energy battery pack R & D center was also announced to be settled in Jiaxing. The combination of production and R & D is the biggest difference between Jiaxing production base and other domestic bases

at the signing ceremony, Hewlett Packard, global board member of Webasto group, President and CEO of Asia, said, "in order to grasp the development trend of new energy vehicles, Webasto will carry out research and development and mass production of new energy power battery system products here, and provide power battery systems and charging solutions to the market." It further introduced that Webasto would purchase cells from domestic cell manufacturers and integrate them with battery thermal management systems (such as high-voltage electric heaters). 7 After the test of electronic tensile testing machine, it can be automatically archived and manually archived together for customers

as a new business field, Webasto Jiaxing new energy battery pack R & D center started almost at the same time as its German headquarters. In the future, Webasto hopes to develop this emerging market through strong system integration capabilities, verification and testing capabilities, and close customer cooperation. "We hope that the total sales of Jiaxing factory, including power batteries, will reach 3billion yuan in the future," he said

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