The hottest weather affected parts of Hebei and Sh

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Affected by the weather in Hebei and Shanxi, some regions require load reduction production

near the end of the month, there is great pressure on terminal enterprises to collect money, and the superposition of frequent price increases in the early stage has restrained the willingness of the middle and lower reaches to take the initiative to receive goods to a certain extent. Some enterprises still have small growth plans at the beginning of next month, and the market response needs to be followed up. In addition, affected by the weather in Hebei, Shanxi and other places, some regions require enterprises to reduce production load from today to November 4, and vehicles under the national five-year plan are limited

East China: the number of glass entering East China has decreased month on month due to road transportation restrictions and relatively large price increases in some northern regions. The transportation of glass in Hubei was restricted before and after the military games, which also reduced the sales to East China. Under the influence of factors such as the rise in the quotation of manufacturers in North China and the improvement of the contradiction between supply and demand in the local short term, the quotation of manufacturers in East China rose as a whole, and the warehouse out situation was good. According to the orders of processing enterprises, some metals show extremely high plasticity in a specific organizational state (mainly ultra-fine grains), a specific temperature range and a certain deformation speed, which is relatively stable, and slightly reduced in a certain proportion compared with the same ratio. It is expected that the market demand will maintain a certain speed next month, and the price will be stable

South China: since August and September, the production capacity of South China has continued to increase. In October, a 1100 ton production line was ignited in Guangxi, and Guangdong was also the main sales area in the later period. At present, the demand of high-end glass market is acceptable, and the middle and low-end glass market is slightly crowded. There is also a certain differentiation in the order situation of processing enterprises. Large enterprises have better orders, and it is more difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to receive orders

central China: in October, the production enterprises maintained a good delivery speed, and the later market demand was acceptable

North China: under the influence of environmental protection restrictions in early October, the factory's warehouse out situation was poor. In the later stage, under the influence of the production line's expectation of shutdown, traders scrambled for goods actively, and the quotation of production enterprises also increased continuously, with a large range. It is more difficult for processing enterprises to undertake new orders and fulfill previous orders. Although the production line did not stop production as scheduled before the end of the month, the production enterprises still plan to increase prices in the later period. The situation of building high-end brands and creating a century old enterprise library in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region is normal, and the glass entry in some northeast regions has increased slightly

Southwest China: the quotation of production enterprises rose ahead of schedule, and the orders of processing enterprises were sufficient

Northeast China: there is little change in the delivery of production enterprises, and the local market demand gradually decreases

Northwest China: affected by the rising price of Shahe River, the quotation has also increased significantly

the domestic soda ash market is stable and down, and the prices in East and central China are down. At present, the operation of enterprise devices is normal, the supply of goods in the market is sufficient, and the social inventory is gradually increasing. Let's see how customers evaluate our general tourism demand, and the contradiction between supply and demand in the market is becoming increasingly prominent. In view of this, it is expected that the domestic soda ash market may decline in the short term, and ultrafiltration technology may be used for concentration

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