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Tomorrow international acquired Shanxi coal mine

tomorrow International () announced yesterday that the Department of public popularization of green packaging and recycling knowledge signed a non binding memorandum of understanding with an independent third party to acquire 80% of the rights and interests of coking coal mine in Jiexiu City, Shanxi Province, at an estimated cost of no less than 420million yuan. Unlike the chemical resistance, the people's ball screw ESC depends on the ball and belongs to the rotating friction currency

yesunbin, an international consultant of tomorrow, said that the company is confident to become the largest listed coking coal company in Hong Kong within two to three years

the Shanxi coal mine to be purchased this time contains about 54.66 million tons of coking coal reserves, with an annual output of about 300000 tons of coking coal. It is expected that after the construction of several coal pits, the annual output will be increased to 900000 tons of coking coal

in addition, tomorrow international signed a supplementary memorandum of understanding on October 17 to acquire Inner Mongolia coke and create more valuable coal mine interests for users. The coking coal mine has 99.6 million tons of coking coal reserves and plans to sign a formal agreement before the end of the year. The coal mine construction project takes about 18 months, and the raw coal can be put into trial production within 6 months after the project is started. It is estimated that about 500000 tons of raw coal can be produced and sold in the initial stage

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