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Tongfang Weishi Raman spectrum detection system won the "zhuliangyi analytical instrument innovation award"

] in August 2019, for Jining, the research and development of graphene promoted the transformation and development of Jining as a resource-based city, which will be a new breakthrough and a model of cooperation, Tongfang Weishi's laser Raman spectrum detection system won Zhu Liangyi analytical instrument innovation award - innovation achievement award. The award was personally awarded by Guan Yafeng, chairman of the analytical instruments branch of the Chinese society. Only three achievements of national analytical instruments won this award. This award is a full affirmation of Tongfang Weishi's R & D strength and achievements in the field of Raman spectroscopy

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Tongfang Weishi has carried out the research and development of Raman spectroscopy technology and instruments since 2007, and has applied for more than 100 patents related to Raman spectroscopy technology. It has successively launched food safety, nano enhancement reagent, high-performance portable Raman spectrometer, handheld Raman spectrometer, solid enhanced substrate, etc. At present, Tongfang Weishi has three series of more than 10 Raman products, covering the field of liquid security inspection, drug and smuggling prevention and food security inspection, such as liquid security inspection instrument applied in the field of rail transit and civil aviation, hand-held chemical substance identification instrument applied in the field of drug and smuggling prevention, food safety full detector applied in the field of food safety under any load, and 2 Jaw quality is poor, portable Raman spectrometer studied in laboratory, etc

in addition, Tongfang Weishi Raman spectroscopy technology and products have also won many awards, such as the China Patent Excellence Award, the gold award of the International Invention Exhibition, the Beijing new technology and new product certificate, and the excellent new products with simple comparison and simple completion of such methods in the year of Chinese Scientific Instruments. In the future, Tongfang NUCTECH will enhance customer value with continuous innovation and technology, give full play to the core competitive advantages of technological innovation, and strive to create more advanced products and solutions to feed back to the society and serve customers

about Zhu Liangyi's analytical instrument innovation award

Mr. Zhu Liangyi is the earliest pioneer in the field of instrumentation and automation control, and the founder of the instrumentation and automation control industry in China. In order to commemorate Comrade Zhu Liangyi's spirit of unswervingly promoting the development of China's analytical instrument industry and stimulate enterprises and the majority of scientific and technological workers to actively participate in the innovation of analytical instruments, the analytical instrument branch of the China instrumentation society set up and organized the selection of Zhu Liangyi analytical instrument innovation award, which is divided into two awards: innovation achievement award and Youth Innovation Award

the innovation achievement award is to reward the scientific and technological achievements with creative and practical value in new technologies, new components, new products, new processes, new materials, etc. produced by the research, development, design and test to improve the scientific research, products and productivity of analytical instruments. It must have strong technical, economic or social benefits. That is, technological innovation solves key technical problems and plays a significant role in promoting the scientific and technological progress of analytical instruments; Or has produced significant economic benefits or important social benefits. A total of 21 applications for this innovation achievement award were submitted. After a number of experts' letters, 9 achievements were shortlisted, and finally 3 award-winning achievements were selected through on-site defense

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