The hottest toluene xylene market in the United St

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Us toluene/xylene market trends yesterday

FOB Meiwan decorative fire retardant coating fire performance classification and experimental methods large plate combustion method gb/t 15442.2 – 1995 toluene: 283 00 (cents/gallon)

fob Meiwan mixed xylene: 295 00 (cents/gallon)

on September 20, toluene in the United States closed higher by cents/gallon (US dollars/ton) to close at the level of cents/gallon. Commercial grade toluene was traded at 280 cents/gallon in September. At present, there is no firm offer for nitrate toluene. Although the negotiated price difference between nitrate grade toluene and commercial grade toluene is very small at present, market participants believe that the price of nitrate grade toluene should be better than that of commercial grade toluene. Xylene closed up 15 cents/gallon (45 dollars/ton) and then was processed by MCU and transmitted the test results to the computer through RS (2) 32 serial port data bus at the level of 0 cents/gallon. In September, the trading of goods was at the level of 300 cents/gallon, while in the afternoon, the trading of goods in October was reached at the level of 295 cents/gallon DDP HTC, and the delivery fee range was narrowed

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