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Tomefon Feina sweeping robot dust collection integration TF

tomefon Feina sweeping robot hot selling recommendation: to according to the introduction, mefon Feina sweeping robot dust collection integration tf-880s and tf-d60, the following is a collection of the latest friends' comments on the use of these two sweeping machines, for the reference and comparison of friends in need

I. how about tomefon FENa floor sweeping robot fully automatic floor sweeping and dust suction integrated tf-880s, OK

try it for a month and feel:

(1) things are very good and the floor is clean. But I always feel that I'm not smart enough. I always get stuck in one place. I go to work and ask it to start sweeping. I always stop in one place after work and don't finish sweeping. I don't know what happened. But if you look at it, it's still very good to sweep the floor

(2) the robot is cute and cute. I think it's smart and clean. It can save a lot of time to do housework, and it's worth it

(3) the hair dust on the trial ground can be cleaned, and the bottom of the sofa can be cleaned where you can go in. Overall satisfaction

the official is well aware of the harm of social disorder and personal worship. This latest quotation:

after checking tmall coupons, this quotation

II Tomefon FENa sweeping robot German intelligent navigation planning fully automatic integrated dust suction tf- replaced by glass and metal D60

first use experience: wide band gap semiconductor materials and new display materials have been used for two days, and the operation is simple, easy to learn and not complex. Basically meet the needs. A room with a large floor area is really labor-saving. Robots are responsible for cleaning a large area. I can only clean every corner once. The water tank for mopping the floor is a little small, and there is no water without dragging a large area. Our house has two floors, with a ground area of more than 200 square meters. It is only on the first floor. If we drag two rooms, we can't find a recharging position! Finally, I took it back. When can I climb the stairs by myself and clean the garbage box by myself? Hahaha... In short, as an auxiliary cleaning, it's OK. It depends entirely on its two legged robot

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