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Tongan will launch 60 smart streetlights next month to monitor environmental sensing information

smart streetlights can realize multimedia publishing, one click emergency alarm and other functions

Photographed by correspondent Chen Jiaxin

walking in the streets, city street lights can be seen everywhere. In the eyes of most people, street lamps mainly play the role of night lighting. In fact, it also has many "hidden" functions: it can not only charge electric vehicles, provide Wi Fi hotspots, monitor environmental information, but also carry out security monitoring, and realize one button emergency alarm in case of accidents... It is learned that by the end of May this year, 60 multifunctional street lamps with 5g function will be built and put into use on Zhongshan Road in Tong'an District

yesterday afternoon, I came to Xiamen Zhilian ICT IOT Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "smart ICT") located in Tong'an District to visit the company's intelligent lighting monitoring system and multi-functional road pole applications. It is reported that the company's self-developed "public service platform for urban streetlight IOT management based on many factors that affect the accuracy of displacement testing based on SaaS" was selected as the "2019 national development and Reform Commission service industry development guidance fund project", which is the only selected project in the field of streetlight IOT in China

monitoring system helps street lamps save energy

as a part of urban public infrastructure, urban street lamps cover a wide range of areas. Generally speaking, if there are abnormal conditions such as cable leakage, theft, lamp pole inclination and so on, it is often difficult to deal with them effectively in time

"for a long time, our management of street lamps has been relatively extensive." Xie Dacheng, chairman of Zhilian Xintong, introduced that at present, the intelligent lighting monitoring system of road insulation material experimental machine lamps has been put into use to varying degrees in all districts of the city. After being transformed into a smart lighting monitoring system, it can realize the functions of remote switching lights, automatic fault alarm, on-demand lighting, etc., and the energy-saving rate can reach more than 70%, effectively improving the fine management level of urban street lights

it is learned that at present, there are 5000 street lamps in Tong'an District using the intelligent lighting monitoring system, which has solved many management problems. Take the "moranti" typhoon in Xiamen in 2016 as an example. At that time, the typhoon caused considerable damage to the street lamps in Tong'an District. As usual, cable leakage, lamp pole tilt and other problems have to take a lot of time to make statistics. The reconstructed intelligent lighting monitoring system can count all street lights with abnormal conditions in a few minutes, and realize the fixed position of lights, which is convenient for effective and rapid maintenance and management

60 smart street lights will be put into use next month.

can street lights only play the role of night lighting? Of course not. Smart streetlights will tell you that in addition to lighting, urban streetlights also have multi-function reuse, which can realize information sharing

it is worth mentioning that at the end of May, 60 smart street lamps will be built and put into use on Zhongshan Road in Tong'an District, which is also the first time that smart street lamps have been put into use in Fujian. Moreover, these smart street lights will be equipped with 5g base stations, which can achieve 5g coverage

it is reported that the smart street lamp will integrate many functions including smart lighting, smart monitoring, smart sensing, smart charging, smart alarm and so on through PLC, wireless Wi Fi and other technologies. It can not only monitor PM2.5, radiation, temperature, wind speed, rainfall and other environmental sensing information in real time, provide real-time monitoring of environmental parameters, but also install security monitoring system to realize real-time monitoring, face recognition, flow monitoring, positioning and tracking; In addition, it can also realize Wi Fi hot spot connection. As a new solvent-free and pollution-free green spraying technology after high solid coating, water-based coating, UV curing coating and powder coating, polyurea elastomer technology can be sprayed. The ED display screen can broadcast important information such as weather, traffic and so on, and has the functions of providing paid charging and one click emergency alarm for electric vehicles

company name card

Zhilian Xintong

founded in 2007, headquartered in Xiamen, is a domestic innovative high-tech leading enterprise engaged in the research and application of communication technology, intelligent control and IOT technology. The company is deeply engaged in "street lamp IOT", is the leader of intelligent lighting monitoring system, and is also the only undertaking unit of the national development and Reform Commission IOT major demonstration project - "urban lighting IOT control project". The company has obtained more than 100 domestic and foreign invention patents and other intellectual property rights. Its fourth generation intelligent lighting single lamp control system ranks first in the domestic market share, and its products are applied in more than 300 cities in China. (huangjingyi, correspondent of Haixi morning post, Hong Yanyan)

(original title: Tong'an will launch 60 smart street lamps next month

is the first time it has been put into use in Fujian, equipped with 5g base stations, which can monitor environmental sensing information)

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