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Tongfang Youyun was invited to release the openstack ironi open source project

from April 29 to May 1, the open infrastructure summit was held in Denver, the United States. This summit focuses on ci/cd, AI, container facilities, and public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud strategies. Openstack foundation announced the openstack iron bare metal project plan at the meeting, and Tongfang Youyun, as one of the 30 sponsors of this project, was invited to attend the meeting

formerly known as openstack summit, the open source infrastructure summit is an important activity for institutions and organizations to carry out cross community collaboration, aiming to use openstack, kubernetes and more than 30 other technologies to jointly build and operate open source infrastructure. The global summit gathered thousands of industry insiders and provided hundreds of lectures, practical training and cooperation meetings for open source developers and operators

at the meeting, the foundation announced that its ironic software is managing millions of computing cores around the world, converting bare metal into an automated infrastructure to facilitate the hybrid deployment of virtualized and containerized workloads. Tongfang Youyun, as one of the 30 sponsors of the openstack iron bare metal project, will continue to promote the R & D and improvement of bare metal products

ic is the openstack bare metal management component, which is responsible for the allocation of bare metal resources and life cycle management. Through this component, bare metal services can be provided for the openstack cloud platform

Tongfang Youyun's ironic based bare metal management platform provides users with efficient management of bare metal throughout its life cycle. It is flexible and convenient enough for users to manage physical servers like managing virtual machines. Physical server registration and operating system deployment can be completed within ten minutes. The bare metal management platform is similar to the way that VNC access turns into a white virtual machine. Direct access to the physical server through the browser can greatly improve the work efficiency of operation and maintenance personnel; The platform monitors and alarms in real time, and the logs are automatically aggregated and presented. Tongfang Youyun bare metal management platform can also directly deploy kubernetes and other container produced eco-environmental materials, and the development of green production technology is increasingly attracting attention, which will be deeply integrated with Tongfang Youyun UCS container management platform

at this summit, the foundation announced the recent progress of its projects. For example, as one of the most successful open source projects in history, openstack has been updated to the 19th version, with thousands of users. The community members around openstack have grown to 100000, covering 187 countries around the world. Tongfang Youyun is the global 7 Hanging weight: the 19th gold member of 1000g. Over the past few years, Tongfang Youyun has spared no effort to transfer advanced and systematic open source thinking and knowledge to the Chinese market, deliver high-quality cloud to customers with open source, continue to help customers promote open source cloud practice, and constantly prove the value of open source cloud infrastructure with customers' success

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