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Tongcheng entered Alibaba's characteristic industry intensive reading guide: on January 4, 2015, Tongcheng industrial belt officially entered Alibaba. An intensive product output platform integrating the industrial characteristics of Tongcheng region was born in China's printing and packaging industry base, which not only marks the organic integration of Tongcheng e-commerce industry and traditional printing and subcontracting industry, but also marks the completion of the strategic deployment of the overall transformation and upgrading of Tongcheng economy

the online development of the industry is the precursor of a new era of e-commerce. Since the launch of Alibaba China industrial belt concept in 2012, Alibaba has helped industries in more than 100 regions to transform and upgrade through the indoctrination of e-commerce concept and the cultivation of e-commerce model, with remarkable achievements

the mode of regional advantageous industries developing e-commerce together has become the mainstream mode of centralized online development of advantageous industries in various regions. Such a model gathers production equipment, raw materials, flour and auxiliary materials, improves product quality in a specific region, so that all kinds of upstream and downstream enterprises focusing on production, such as steady development, rapid development design and freight transportation, have established a close economic and technological cooperation circle, reduced production costs, improved production efficiency, and finally significantly improved the regional economic competitive advantage of industrial clusters

at the same time, in terms of marketing and promotion, traditional enterprises with group development can better integrate three important links: consumers and channel providers, channel providers and manufacturers, and manufacturers and consumers on the platform, and integrate advantageous industry resources, promotion resources, customer resources, and brand resources of all parties while improving services as a whole. Shougang jitaian new material company quickly established a research team composed of 6 technicians in April this year

more importantly, while enterprises in the industry are clustered, more massive economies and regional advantageous industries will emerge in a concentrated manner, enhancing the depth of industries in the region and diversifying the development of the economy

centralize the development of loose individual enterprises, integrate fragmented industry resources, and promote the branding of characteristic industries in the region. With the official operation of Tongcheng industrial belt, the development of Tongcheng industry is entering a new high-speed development, realizing constant speed deformation, deformation maintenance and other functions; In the exhibition stage, and realize the qualitative improvement on the existing economic basis

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