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Donghao: three years of endeavor and Reform in the maintenance business, moving forward steadily

Donghao: three years of endeavor and Reform in the maintenance business, moving forward steadily

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looking back on 2014, China's economic situation was generally in a steady growth trend, and the automotive aftercare market industry was also relatively stable. At the same time, Mobil, shell, Castrol, great wall, Kunlun and other famous brands are also constantly thinking about how to better adapt to the changes in the Chinese market. Among them, the performance of private lubricant enterprises represented by Donghao oil is very stable

relying on its accurate judgment and deep understanding of the Chinese market, taking advantage of its own capital and brand market advantages, as well as the psychological concept of the tool box at the bottom right of the enterprise core of reform and innovation, Donghao presented a quite eye-catching report card to the industry - the good performance of operating revenue of RMB 2.1 billion in the first half of the year hit a new record for the group over the years

in fact, 2014 is also a year full of changes and opportunities for Donghao automobile maintenance, which is at the strategic center of Donghao group. If the past few years have been a golden period for China's rapid economic development, Donghao believes that the next few years will be a critical period for China's healthier and more stable economic development. Donghao maintenance will seize this opportunity and, under the guidance of China's new policies, vigorously promote the "maintenance market development strategy" with Donghao characteristics nationwide to better serve Donghao's "all-round interactive business system"

Donghao Petroleum Group has been striving for three years in the maintenance business and the seat cover made of recycled yarn. In 2014, it is worth looking forward to! Under the new situation, new opportunities and new challenges, while consolidating the business of existing stores, Donghao maintenance actively promotes the expansion speed of new stores, goes all out and strides forward. On August 31, 2011, the opening ceremony of the first batch of stores of Donghao automobile maintenance service center for all industries was grandly held at Donghao maintenance Zhennan Road store in Putuo District, Shanghai. On the same day, the other five stores of the group located in Qishen Road, Guidu Road, Feihong Road, Fushun Road and Handan road announced their opening one after another, officially sounding the clarion call for Donghao Petroleum Group to enter the maintenance and quick repair service industry, the emerging automotive after service market. Stores with business areas ranging from 300 to 500 square meters have adopted the unified brand logo of Donghao group and the distinctive maintenance store sign. The project sections such as car washing area, testing area and quick repair area are also available. The clearly marked prices of service items and vehicle oil products create a convenient, transparent and reassuring service concept for consumers

following the establishment of the first six automobile maintenance service center stores in Shanghai at the same time, and Donghao officially entered the automobile after-sales service market, on November 11, 2011, Donghao oil group acquired eight stores under Shanghai Yuanzheng aiskai Automobile Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SK"). This acquisition has further expanded Donghao maintenance's directly operated central store network in Shanghai and accelerated Donghao group's progress towards the automotive aftermarket

in addition, Beijing Xiaowuji maintenance store of Donghao oil group was officially opened in September 2012, followed by the establishment of Beijing Guangying store of Donghao maintenance in November. In February, 2013, Beijing Shifoying store, Maliandao store in August, and sanwangyuan repair shop opened successively. The accumulated investment in this series of store projects exceeded hundreds of millions of yuan, creating the largest amount of horizontal investment in industrial projects since the establishment of Donghao. It indicates that Donghao oil group has comprehensively accelerated its store expansion in the field of automobile maintenance and quick repair

not only that, from 2013 to 2014, the Shanghai direct stores of Donghao maintenance center were successively opened, and nearly 50 stores had been established by the middle of 2014. According to the strategic planning of Donghao group's maintenance stores, by the end of 2015, the number of Donghao maintenance stores in Shanghai will be expanded to at least 100. In the future, large and medium-sized cities including the Yangtze River Delta, Dalian and Hohhot will also plan to open stores to expand lubricant distribution, logistics and transportation and other related services with the help of the direct sales channels of the automobile maintenance service center

as an oil product enterprise, Donghao group has the opportunity and advantages to enter the automobile quick repair service industry, Minchunguang, President of Donghao group, said: "we have integrated oil management with automobile maintenance and oil change services, established a set of standardized direct chain system and business model with independent intellectual property rights, formed an efficient distribution network, and finally realized the chain operation and centralized distribution of maintenance services and oil change services, improved the organization of lubricant wholesale and retail, and completely changed the traditional business mode."

according to the person in charge of strategic investment of Donghao group, the "Five Unifications", including unified decoration, unified commitment, unified training, unified service and unified standards, will be the core competitiveness of Donghao automobile maintenance service center. In the next few years, the pursuit of scale effect will still be the primary task for Donghao group to expand the auto quick repair service industry. On the one hand, the rapid expansion of Direct stores will help to dilute the service cost, transfer more benefits to consumers, and quickly improve Donghao's brand awareness and brand influence. As for the future network expansion plan, Donghao group will adopt the promotion method of opening small stores in big cities and large stores in small cities. Shanghai, Beijing and Yangtze River Delta markets will still be the preferred markets for Donghao group to open automobile maintenance service centers. When the time is ripe, Donghao group will selectively enter the second and third tier cities. In order to control the unified service quality and promotion speed, we will still adhere to the direct marketing mode at present, and will not rule out the franchise mode in the future

"Donghao attaches great importance to the principles of benign competition and mutually beneficial cooperation, whether it competes and cooperates with central enterprises such as Sinopec and PetroChina, or with other qualified and large enterprises such as private enterprises and transnational enterprises. Mutual respect is the premise of competition and cooperation." minchunguang, President of Donghao, once said. It is precisely because of this principle and attitude that Donghao has met many excellent competitors and partners in different fields, and gained a lot at the same time

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