The hottest Donghua futures plastics fell sharply

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Donghua Futures: Plastics fell sharply

on Wednesday, the LLDPE futures high adjusted the small price and opened low. The intraday volatility was intense, and the bulls were doggedly blocked by the bears. Recently, the rebound market faced a severe test, with 555166 transactions in the whole day, a new high since the listing. The main contract l0901 rose 4.71% at the opening, and reached the limit of 6760 on several occasions, closing at 6810 yuan/ton, down 4.29%. Sinopec's sharp production reduction and tight market supply are the main factors leading to the strong rebound of LLDPE futures in China recently. However, as the downstream consumption is not ideal, the manufacturers have a strong willingness to ship high-end products, while the trading volume ② composite polyurethane adhesive, as a high-end product of the industry, is less, and the long rebound momentum is insufficient. It is expected that LLDPE futures will continue to fluctuate in a wide range in the future, with limited room for further rebound

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