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Donghao oil attends the 13th lubricating oil technology and equipment exhibition. Donghao oil attends the 13th lubricating oil technology and equipment exhibition. Introduction: from October 31 to November 2, 2012, the 13th China International lubricating oil The exhibition of grease and blending technology and equipment was held in Shanghai

from October 31 to November 2, 2012, the 13th China International lubricant, grease and blending technology and equipment exhibition, jointly organized by Sinopec lubricant company, PetroChina lubricant company, Shanghai Council for the promotion of international trade and Shanghai Lubricant Industry Association, was grandly held in Shanghai International Exhibition Center. Donghao was invited to participate in this event as a leader of national lubricant enterprises, and the exhibition was a complete success

in combination with the development status of the domestic lubricating oil industry, this exhibition, with the theme of "green lubrication, transformation and development", will lead all large-scale enterprises in this industry to realize their own transformation and development in line with the market positioning under the general direction of environmental protection and green. At the same time, compared with last year, the exhibition scale of this exhibition has increased by at least 35%, attracting more well-known brand enterprises at home and abroad to actively participate, and showing the world the industry's latest additives, base oil, metal processing, vehicle oil, transformer oil and other important cutting-edge technologies

as a private brand leader in the domestic lubricant industry, Donghao Petroleum Group takes creating high-end oil products as its own responsibility, pays attention to social needs, and constantly upgrades its product production line. With an annual output of million tons, it will add weight to accelerate the acquisition of market share. With its collectivization concept and innovative product service quality, Donghao will bring a brand-new feast of new automobile after-sales service market to all auto supplies dealers in this exhibition

responding to the exhibition concept of "green adjustable report, situation lubrication, transformation and development", Donghao launched Haopai, Haoneng auto oil and diesel oil independently developed by Donghao and adapted to the latest international environmental protection standards with a high sense of society, attracting many dealers to stay and consult. Donghao oil group, with its powerful collectivized strength and novel after-sales service market model, has shown the world the extraordinary charm of a powerful player rising in the lubricant industry. Many customers have a more rational understanding of Donghao after the warm introduction and detailed analysis by the sales staff of Donghao, leaving business cards one after another in the hope of further communication and cooperation

after 10 years of efforts, Donghao Petroleum Group has won high reputation and popularity in the industry with its advanced flow system, excellent product service quality, good team system and scientific system management and operation. At the same time, Donghao team continuously optimizes the sales network system and sincerely seeks strategic partners nationwide. Adhering to the sales concept of constantly encouraging elite customers, cultivating high-quality customers and supporting potential customers, Donghao exhibition sales staff took the initiative to establish good cooperative relations with customers, and gave them detailed lectures on Donghao product performance and service mode. Guests praised Donghao people for their serious attitude and firm faith. For each visiting customer, Donghao maintenance gifts are given as feedback, making Donghao brand more popular

Donghao has won the support of the dealers present with its good cooperation mode, popular service and product quality. In order to further show customers Donghao's mature collectivization operation process, Donghao organized customers to visit Jiading production base, oil refinery and some Donghao maintenance stores subordinate to Donghao oil group in batches, showed customers five advanced automatic production lines, and answered customers' questions about the technical parameters and market application of each series of products in detail. The visiting customers spoke highly of Donghao's strong group strength, high-end product R & D and product promotion. For the only high-quality automobile chain organization in China that is in line with the international automobile service industry, Donghao once again showed its customers the advantages and strength of Donghao's differentiated, specialized and standardized automobile maintenance and business model. Donghao takes the automobile maintenance, displacement and change protection as the hardware, and the cooperative relationship as the software service. The parallel mode has become a service feature. It is pioneering, innovative and progressive, which highlights the potential and advantages of Donghao Petroleum's collectivized operation, and attracts guests from all over the world to establish a solid and long-term cooperative relationship with Donghao

in this exhibition, China lubricants and other domestic media made an exclusive interview with minchunguang, President of Donghao oil group. In the conversation, they expressed their affirmation and praise for Donghao as a successful model of a national enterprise. With the perspective of high-end industry, President min gave his own unique views on the strategic cooperation mode of the lubricant market under the current situation. He mentioned that China's high-end lubricant market has great potential, Especially in China's automotive after-sales service market, only by virtue of large-scale group operation and management and establishing good cooperative relations with customers can they have a deeper understanding and recognition of Donghao brand, so that more people can enter Donghao and understand the national brand, so as to achieve win-win results

the three-day exhibition ended smoothly. However, the win-win cooperation between Donghao and its customers is just beginning. Donghao is working with its partners to develop towards China 2. National brand lubricants with less hygroscopicity at an unusual speed. It is believed that in the near future, Donghao will lead the new development mode and direction of "created in China" and stand at the front of China's lubricant market as a national brand leader

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