The hottest dongmingzhu built a factory in Tianjin

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Dongmingzhu built a factory in Tianjin to build cars! Battery life of 30 years and 6 minutes is full of the latest news. Gree Electric Appliance and Zhuhai Yinlong have reached a cooperation agreement with the Tianjin municipal government to jointly build an intelligent electrical appliance, intelligent equipment, new energy battery and automobile industry base

it is expected that Gree and Zhuhai Yinlong will jointly launch an assault on the new energy vehicle business in their respective fields in the future

Gree is mainly responsible for the R & D and production of automotive air conditioning equipment

according to dongmingzhu, Gree's automotive air conditioner has been successfully developed for several years, and the effect is good. Unfortunately, no good market breakthrough has been found for promotion, but this cooperation with Zhuhai Yinlong will not only help Leeper achieve better results in the competition, but will become an opportunity

on the other hand, Zhuhai Yinlong will continue to adhere to its new energy vehicle technology. Lithium titanate battery technology will become the core competitiveness

dongmingzhu had publicly praised the lithium titanate battery on public occasions, saying that "although the B787 was the main driving force for growth in 2013, it has a service life of 30 years, fully charged in 6 minutes, with a high temperature of 60 ℃ and a low temperature of minus 50 ℃. Within such a range, Yinlong electric vehicle will not shut down"

it is reported that the lithium titanate battery has an extremely long service life. Ordinary lithium-ion batteries have about cycles, while lithium titanate has 30000 cycles

however, lithium titanate batteries still have some disadvantages, such as low energy density and high price. How to share the cost will become a common issue for Gree and Zhuhai Yinlong in the future. It can realize full digital 3-loop control of force, deformation and displacement

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