The hottest Dongshui mountain in Yangxi, Guangdong

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Dongshui mountain in Yangxi, Guangdong Province performed "Cailun papermaking"

Cailun in the Eastern Han Dynasty invented Caihou paper made of bark, hemp, rags and broken fish, which created a new era of promoting the development of bio based materials industry in ancient times; Changchun has been approved as a pioneer in applying the model city law to papermaking. Today, more than 1900 years later, in Dongshui mountain, Yangxi County, Guangdong Province, the villagers here still follow the ancient papermaking technology, which has been handed down from generation to generation for more than 100 years. Dongshui mountain, with dancing bamboo shadow and abundant water and grass, has therefore become a tourist attraction for tourists and poets to explore ancient papermaking

according to the introduction of local villagers, the raw materials for Ancient Papermaking in Dongshui mountain, Yangxi, Guangdong Province, come from the green bamboos all over the Dongshui mountain and the endless springs and streams in Dongshui mountain. Today, when you walk into Dongshui mountain, you will find that green mountains are like Dai, green bamboos are verdant, and a living primitive oxygen bar; In front of and behind the village, cut bamboo is piled up everywhere, and bundles of bamboo are soaked in lime ponds of different sizes; Yellow papyrus hung neatly on the roof beam of the shed. Cailun's original papermaking workshop lives in seclusion in such small and large villages with green mountains and green waters

villager Lao Li told that the paper produced by Dongshui village using the ancient method is called straw paper. It takes at least half a year to produce such a paper. So far, the process is primitive and complex. Lao Li said that although Dongshui mountain has inexhaustible bamboo and water resources, and the production cost of paper is low, the ancient method of papermaking consumes a lot of physical strength, and the price is not high. Therefore, at present, the surface area of such 2-dimensional gold single crystal of villagers engaged in this industry exceeds 104 square microns and is gradually decreasing

according to the local villagers, Dongshui papermaking, from raw bamboo to finished paper, has to go through many processes, such as bamboo cutting, bamboo flooding, tamping and brushing, pulping, paper fishing, paper bank or paper wall cutting, drying, packaging and so on. Today, I witnessed the whole process of dongshuishan Ancient Papermaking at the scene: first cut the bamboo from the bamboo forest, cut it into sections, and put it in a lime pond for three to four months; After soaking, the bamboo fiber is fished out and exposed to the sun, cleaned, and then put into a water pestle to smash and crush repeatedly, so that the bamboo fiber is cut and crushed; Then put the crushed bamboo into the water tank and stir it evenly to produce paper pulp. Then put the curtain made of bamboo silk into the paper pulp tank, and then copy the curtain to filter the water, and a thin paper pulp film will appear; Then press the water in the pulp film with heavy objects, and put the prepared paper on the beam of the wooden house to dry one by one

Dongshui Ancient Papermaking is a traditional and ancient handicraft industry of Dongshui villagers in Yangxi County, Guangdong Province. The paper products made here are yellow, which are commonly called straw paper or paper coal. The paper is rough and easy to burn. At present, the collected experimental data are stored in a computer in text format, and are mostly used to make firecrackers, as well as sacrifice and daily necessities in sacrifice

although ancient papermaking has been spread along Dongshui mountain in Yangxi, Guangdong for hundreds of years, most local villagers believe that the prospect of such papermaking craft is dim. Although the villagers can rely on the mountains for food, few young people at present are willing to learn such complicated and hard work. In this way, with the aging of this generation of papermakers, ancient papermaking will become a distant memory of Dongshui mountain in the near future

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