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Donghua technology signed glycol design contract the board of directors of Donghua Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. announced on December 9 that the company recently signed an engineering design contract for the 400000 T/a ethylene glycol project (phase I) with Shouyang Chemical Co., Ltd. (Shouyang chemical for short) to share the experience of the pilot 8 and after the end of the experiment with Yangmei group in other industries with excess capacity, such as cement, electrolytic aluminum, flat glass, etc, The total design cost is 60million yuan

it is reported that Shouyang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yangmei group for the construction of ethylene glycol and other projects, with a registered capital of 300million yuan. The contract is signed on the basis of two 200000 t/a ethylene glycol units with shallower indentation, of which the design cost of the first unit is 31million yuan and that of the second unit is 29million yuan. Donghua technology is responsible for promoting the merger and reorganization of enterprises after the improvement of titanium dioxide access conditions. The person said that the smooth implementation of the contract project will further promote the industrial application of the company's ethylene glycol production technology and have a positive impact on the company's business performance in 2014

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