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Dongguan CSG successfully passed the CQC coated glass product audit. On December 25, a group of 4 experts from the Guangzhou Branch of China Quality Certification Center went to Dongguan CSG for CQC coated glass product audit. The experts were divided into four groups to review the incoming inspection of raw materials, raw film production management, coating production control, product field test, procurement and supply chain management, production equipment management and other aspects through reading the data and factory on-site inspection. At the same time, they conducted strict inspections on the operation of product quality system, production process control, nonconforming product control, raw material analysis and weathering laboratory

after a one-day careful review, the expert group affirmed the achievements made by Dongguan CSG in quality management. At the final meeting of audit and certification, the members of the expert group believed that our company fully met the requirements of CQC audit and certification, and agreed that Dongguan CSG passed the preliminary certification of China Quality Certification Center (CQC)

the successful passing of this CQC factory audit proves that the coated glass products of Dongguan CSG fully meet the historical highest requirements of China's solar photovoltaic power generation industry, and will obtain the golden sun CQC certification, which will further improve the competitiveness of Dongguan CSG products. Enterprises with this certificate can be accepted by the national "golden sun project" and other large-scale photovoltaic power station projects, and open the door to the national major project "golden sun demonstration project". China glass () Department

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