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Dongguan has implemented the peak shift production scheme for key pollutant discharge enterprises. Enterprises involved in VOCs emission and particulate matter emission have now entered the peak shift production mode. On December 18, it was learned from the Dongguan Municipal atmospheric office that the work plan for the implementation of peak shift production by key pollutant discharge enterprises in Dongguan (hereinafter referred to as the plan) has been officially printed and implemented with the consent of the Municipal People's government. From the end of this year to January next year, the focus of ALT's development is more on the local day. The city will implement differentiated peak shift production for 905 enterprises involved in VOCs emissions and particulate emissions, We will cut the peak value of major pollutants in the near future and do a good job in the prevention and control of air pollution this winter and next spring

peak shift production by enterprises in the two industries in different periods

the plan provides clear guidelines for peak shift production by enterprises, and carries out peak shift production by "different industries and different periods" according to the actual situation

among them, for enterprises that discharge particulate matter from thermal power, papermaking, ceramics, glass, printing and dyeing, the production will be limited by 50% from now to the end of December. Such enterprises shall stop production for maintenance in case of class I warning weather that may cause slight or above pollution for more than 2 days. Enterprises that have not completed the elimination of coal-fired boilers and biomass fired boilers or the transformation of clean energy need to stop production for maintenance from now until January 31 next year. However, enterprises in key VOCs industries such as furniture manufacturing, shoemaking and metal surface coating should consciously stop the production of VOCs emission process during the ozone peak period from 10:00 to 16:00 every day

yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the municipal atmospheric office said that after preliminary investigation and investigation, 905 key pollutant discharge enterprises in the city have been included in the list of peak shifting production, mainly involving 10 towns and streets such as Dalingshan, Dongcheng, Gaopo, Houjie, Humen, Liaobu, Nancheng, Shijie, Wanjiang and Chang'an. Among them, Houjie involves 247 enterprises, and more than 90% are furniture manufacturing and shoe-making enterprises. Nancheng has at least 15 enterprises, mainly metal surface coating enterprises and shoe-making enterprises

according to the plan, such testing machines in various towns and streets can simulate the change of internal mechanical properties of metal materials under long-term stress conditions. According to the list, the special testing machines for thermal insulation materials are mainly used for tensile, contraction, zigzag and other experiments of metal, non-metal and other materials, carry out "pull" screening of key sewage discharge enterprises in the jurisdiction, and sign a letter of commitment with peak shifting production enterprises to implement the measures of production restriction and shutdown, Urge enterprises to strictly and seriously implement the requirements. During the first level warning weather, measures such as stopping or restricting industrial power and water will be taken according to the peak shifting production plan to ensure that peak shifting production is in place

the person in charge of the municipal air office also said that Dongguan implements the peak shift production work plan for key pollutant discharge enterprises, does not engage in "one size fits all", pays attention to the "two-step" measures in daily work, and urges enterprises to consciously "cooperate with each other" in peak shift production, so as to effectively reduce VOCs and particulate emissions

on the one hand, enterprises in key industries such as furniture manufacturing, shoemaking, rubber and plastics, printing, electronic parts manufacturing, wood-based panel manufacturing, metal surface coating, papermaking, ceramics, glass, textile printing and dyeing, and chemical industry will promote cleaner production audit, reduce pollutant emissions, and guide enterprises to actively use 309000 tons of energy for cleaning China's automotive polyether, using environmental protection processes. On the other hand, we will promote key pollutant discharge enterprises with an annual comprehensive energy consumption of more than 1000 tons of standard coal to actively build energy consumption monitoring systems in batches and build enterprise energy management centers. The Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology has strengthened the technical monitoring of key pollutant discharge enterprises, provided technical support for peak shift production monitoring, and guided enterprises to orderly peak shift production

the municipal air office will supervise and urge enterprises to implement peak shift production measures through supervision, unannounced visits, energy consumption monitoring, etc. We will resolutely expose and notify the behaviors that are not meticulously handled, the territorial management is not in place, and the implementation of production restriction is not effective. If the circumstances are serious, the municipal atmosphere office will request the municipal government to investigate the relevant personnel according to the regulations

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