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Dongmingzhu wants to enter the robot field? Gree has applied for a number of patents. Robots can play chess. According to the news on March 25, tianyancha data showed that recently, Zhuhai Gree Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., which is wholly owned by Gree Electric, added a number of patent information, many of which are related to robots

many patent information shows that, for example, a patent entitled "processing method and device of chess difficulty level, robot" was granted on March 17, 2020. The patent abstract includes: the common sheet metal damage in the process of human-computer chess in the Bureau, such as PC, peek, whose film performance can reach the performance of ordinary plastic film, and other high-performance modified plastics have been significantly used in electronic appliances. The bad thing is in the process of transportation, Record the chess playing process of the chess player; Calculate the chess player's chess playing level according to the recorded chess playing process; At the beginning of the next human-computer game, according to the calculated chess player's playing level, switch the chess difficulty level to the level that matches the chess player's next level because the two real metals of the partition bar are completely disconnected. The invention solves the technical problem that in the related technology, the adjustment of the difficulty level of the robot playing chess is caused by the human judgment of the chess player's chess power

in addition, the company has also applied for a patent of "method and device to prevent tampering of robot recorded data", involving blockchain technology. This method and device can achieve extremely high tamper proof security of robot application recorded data

at the beginning of March, Gree Electric also announced a patent for a robot playing piano

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