It's hard to decorate the diary. Have a good sleep

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For a person who is busy working every day from nine to six, it is most comfortable to sleep in bed willfully. The moment the alarm clock rings in the morning, it seems that the whole world has collapsed. However, life tells us that we must get up. So hard for yourself, you must give yourself a good sleeping environment, so choosing a suitable mattress is particularly important. How to choose a mattress? See how stink is made

I. smelly sleep plan: mattress purchase:

mattress seems to be inconspicuous but it is something that has been with us for a relatively long time. There are 8-9 hours on it 24 hours a day. My husband and I are very careful about choosing mattresses

first of all, my husband and I prefer soft, hard and medium-sized. Secondly, our budget for mattresses is within 3000 yuan. Finally, talk about the general classification of mattresses. Independent spring mattress, the most common one, but this level is mixed with low, medium and high-end people; Rastius mattress has only one spring from beginning to end, which is mostly soft; Independent bag spring mattress, each spring is wrapped in a non-woven cloth bag, which effectively reduces the interaction caused by the force between the springs, but the price is expensive, generally more than 5000 yuan; Pure latex mattresses are mostly imported products, and the price is more than 10000 yuan, which can't be matched

before, my husband liked Suibao very much. Good night. I tried yumeili and the spring of the South who tried Suibao. I always felt that the fabric was uncomfortable, and the feeling of spring. Later, I saw several mattresses that were said to be imported with original packaging, including independent bag springs and pure latex. They were either expensive and frightening, or they were too European and too soft

we have investigated the mattress market for about three times. For the first time, we saw fassman's vanilla sky, which is an independent bagged spring. My husband and I tried, and the interaction was really small, but the price was also there, more than 5000 yuan. My husband and I thought it was too expensive, so we ran aground for the time being. The second time, I tried it all from Suibao to elilan, from Dunlop to slinblain. Among them, Xilinmen came out with a special price dream cube, which is made of blue pure cotton fabric. It is moderately hard and soft, and I feel good lying on it. My husband said that if I bought it, I would go to the VIP Building to order cold cucumber

in fact, I wanted to buy Xilinmen mattresses in my heart earlier. First, I think its name is rustic but very pleasant (don't laugh at me “ hypocrisy ”); Second, my colleague inspected the decoration, and she recommended me to buy Xilinmen. I saw a crystal love in Xilinmen. The fabric is jacquard, which feels very comfortable. There is a thin cushion, which is soft and hard, slightly soft. The seller said that this is an ordinary independent spring, but the springs are thickened, and the fabric is imported from Belgium, which has the function of antibacterial and acarid. I think: what is not made in China now? Whether it is imported from Belgium or not, comfort is the king. My husband said he was very comfortable lying on the bed, and I rolled on the bed again. I felt that there was little interaction, which was similar to the feeling of an independent bag spring. Lying on the bed for ten minutes was still very comfortable. The store said that recently, the dream cube was specially made by the manufacturer to attract business, so there was no profit on that one. This crystal love is the one with the most middle and high-end discounts, with a price of more than 5600 and a final special price of 2890. Hey, I basically know it in my heart. I won't buy it today. I'll come back next time I need it

after coming back, my husband and I searched the Internet for this crystal love 5226, and the result was that the price was also about 3000 yuan, so it would be better to buy it in the physical store that delivered it to the door. A few days later, taking advantage of the opportunity of re setting the floor, we came to Xilinmen store again. It was still 2890 yuan, and we gave a fitted sheet as a gift. After a lot of talking, I tried to get the salesperson to get rid of the change of 90 yuan. As a result, I refused and gave an extra fitted sheet




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