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Decoration is a time-consuming and laborious trouble. It may take half a year for a decoration to take shape. For beginners of decoration, they must first master the basic process of interior decoration, act according to the process, make good planning, step by step,

decoration is a time-consuming and laborious trouble, and a decoration may take half a year to take shape. For beginners of decoration, first of all, they must master the basic process of interior decoration, act according to the process, and make a good plan. Step by step, they will not be in a hurry during construction, the construction period will be delayed again and again, and the house will be difficult to complete

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determine the overall style. Color tone, oil mixing and cleaning, door and door frame, window frame color, wall color, where ceiling is needed

design the placement of furniture, household appliances, sanitary ware, etc. according to the functional requirements, so as to reserve the water and electricity position. The customized doors, cabinets, bath cabinets, furniture, radiators, etc. shall be measured and designed for the first time. Set the location of water and electricity transformation


bed size, bedside table, desk or computer table, sofa, TV cabinet, dining table

air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines; It should be noted that the washing machine should be placed in advance (cabinet room or toilet) and what kind of washing machine to use (barrel rolling or wave wheel). If it is placed under the cabinet table in the cabinet room, the specification and size should be submitted before the cabinet design and the water supply and drainage should be designed (and the local water prevention should be properly done), so that the cabinet can not be put in when it is small, waste materials when it is large, and the space is not beautiful

toilet basin, toilet (generally there are 30 and 40 drainage holes for toilet), shower head, floor wipe faucet, mirror (it is best to leave a socket next to it so that small appliances such as hair dryer or razor can be inserted in the future), mirror headlights, etc; If there is a shower room or bucket, it is best to let the manufacturer come to the door and design the water supply and drainage position first

kitchen sink, stove and range hood, microwave rack, water dispenser, (some families also need disinfection cabinet, dishwasher, oven), etc. If the kitchen customizes the overall cabinet, it is best to let the manufacturer come to the door in advance to design, and roughly determine the location of the above kitchen appliances, so as to facilitate the determination of the location of water supply, drainage and sockets in the future. Special attention should be paid to the use of water heaters (solar, electric, gas?) in advance, It is very important to facilitate the distribution of water and electricity in the future! If you can determine the size of the cigarette machine, the stove and the vegetable washing basin, it's best (you don't need to buy it first, just take care of it and write down the size)

the size of the things indicated in the red font above needs to be known in advance, but you don't have to buy it first. Other things can be bought after decoration because they have many sizes and specifications, and if there is power supply in the water and sewer, you can go in advance according to the conventional size, In the future, it won't be a big problem if the position is a little different. Both water supply and drainage can be connected with hoses

determine the position of various lights in advance; The positions of switches, power sockets and various interfaces (network, wired, telephone, audio, etc.) should be embedded in places that may need expansion in the future, even if they are not used for the time being. For example, although it is planned to use the hanging up air conditioner recently, it is also best to leave a special socket for air conditioner at the place where the cabinet machine may be used in the future

budget. About how much it will cost to decorate, you need to go to the decoration market to understand the price yourself. The costs are as follows:

(1) electrician material fees (wires, switches and sockets, etc.) and electrician manual fees (slotting fees, wiring fees, etc.)

(2) waterway material fee (PPR water pipes and fittings, PVC) and waterway manual fee (pipeline fee)

(3) bricklayer material fee (ceramic tile, cement, sand, waterproof coating) and bricklayer manual fee (tile laying fee, guarantee fee, etc.)

(4) generally, bricklayers can also work in waterways. It is best to find a professional circuit, and the trunking can finally be smoothed by bricklayers or oilers

(5) carpentry materials (wood, large core board, nine centimeter board, decorative panel, all-purpose glue and white glue, nails, doors and locks, windowsill countertops, etc.) carpentry manual fees (including door fees, including window fees, ceiling fees, making furniture fees, etc.)

(6) oil work material fees (putty powder or talcum powder, gypsum powder, 801 glue, paint, latex paint and some small tools, etc.)

(7) other fees: toilet, wash basin, kitchen cabinet, faucet, vegetable basin, bathroom pendant, lamp, floor, curtain, etc. And the cost of furniture and household appliances

admission. The original and copy of the ID card of the person in charge of the decoration team, the original and copy of the owner's ID card, the copy of the business license of the decoration company, the copy of the construction permit of the decoration company, and the decoration deposit are required to go through the admission formalities. Of course, before going through the formalities, you need to specifically ask the housing management office where the owner is located

building structure transformation. Dismantle the old. Demolish and build walls. Before design, we should master the load-bearing structure of the building and distinguish the removable part from the non removable part. In general, in the residential area where unified property management is implemented, except for the bearing walls and columns of the building, the building components that affect the appearance of the building shall not be changed, such as windows, balconies, etc. The calculation of the area of knocking on the wall can be based on the floor plan of the house, which has all kinds of detailed data about the house. Remember to measure the area of the wall before knocking. You should know that the price of knocking is based on the area

waterproof treatment. 24-hour closed water test shall be conducted on the floor of the toilet (kitchen)

⑤ in addition to the waterproof works, the water storage test shall be conducted after the waterproof construction is completed. Pay attention to moisture-proof in wet space. Furniture with poor moisture-proof property should be arranged in dry space. When using wooden furniture to partition the kitchen and dining room, we must do a good job in waterproof treatment; The back of wooden cabinet furniture close to the wall of bathroom and kitchen also needs moisture-proof treatment

hydropower transformation (water electrician and plumber). The main work of hydropower transformation includes hydropower positioning, grooving, pipe burying and wiring

① the first step of water and electricity transformation is water and electricity positioning, that is to determine the position of switches and sockets in the whole house and the position of waterway interface according to the needs of users. The water and electricity workers should explain the line direction to users according to the position of switches, sockets and faucets. And pay attention to “ Water moves the sky and electricity moves the earth ” The principle is that the water pipe should go to the ceiling, and the strong and weak current should go to the ground as far as possible, and the strong and weak current should not cross each other and the parallel distance should be greater than 30 cm

② the installation design of distribution box and information box should consider the convenience, concealment and safety of use, and also pay attention to the direct connection with external main lines; The electrical circuit cannot be hidden in the bearing wall and column of the building

③ the electrical circuit design of sockets, switches and lamps should consider the variability of indoor space, prepare for possible different space use conditions, and reduce the obstacles of re planning and design of some users in the process of use, such as the impact of the movement of desks, decorative cabinets and electrical equipment on electricity and water consumption. At the same time, it should be noted that the prices of new buried wires and replacement wires are different

④ in the case of heavy lamps, pay attention to embedding load-bearing components in the ceiling, and do not directly install them on the wooden wedge, so as to avoid indoor unsafe factors

⑤ after the positioning of water and electricity, the next step is slotting. A good groover basically makes a straight line, and there are basically no hairy teeth on the edge of the groove. Before grooving, be sure to ask the hydropower workers to mark all the water and electricity trends on the wall, and remember to check whether they are consistent with the water and electricity diagram

⑥ during waterway reconstruction, pay attention to the tidiness around. When signing a contract for waterway reconstruction, it is best to indicate the materials used for waterway reconstruction. In addition, pay attention to the size of the drainage pipe in the original room during the waterway reconstruction, and the pipe connected to the drainage pipe outside is best matched with the original drainage pipe. The cold and hot water pipes should be hot on the left and cold on the right, and the spacing is generally not less than 20cm, depending on the spacing between the cold and hot water pipes of the faucet





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