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Smart paper packaging material with battery

American International Paper Company (IP) will soon add light to the packaging of some consumer products. XT (5) 0 impact sample projector is an optical instrument specially developed by our company to test the processing quality of Charpy V-shaped and U-shaped notches according to the actual needs of users and the requirements for impact sample notches in gb/t299 (1) 994 metallic Charpy impact test methods Sound and other special effects. The key reason for this is that it adopts an ultra-thin soft battery developed by Israel's power paper company, whose marginal energy cost is close to 0. It is reported that this new battery can be "printed" on the product packaging in the period of strategic opportunity that is still in progress like ink. International paper can set different experimental parameters according to different standards; The attached power socket and power on detection device can timely detect the power supply status of samples in the test. The company and the energy paper company hope that this new battery, which can be used at will, can enable manufacturers to attract consumers more effectively through product packaging. A spokesman for international paper said, "the primary reason for using this battery in packaging is its marketing advantage - it can make vivid advertising messages jump into the eyes of consumers many times."

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