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The "smart Jiangsu" portal platform, which is hosted by Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Commission and undertaken by Chinatelecom Jiangsu Branch, and undertaken by Digital China, is a key construction project specified in the information strategy of the Jiangsu provincial government during the 12th Five Year Plan period. It is also the province's response to the call of the central government to strengthen the construction of information infrastructure The major measures to promote the wide application of new generation information technology and accelerate the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization include the new TPE level measures that can be adhered to various engineering plastic materials. The operation of this platform will be conducive to setting up a national smart city service benchmark, comprehensively improving the informatization level in Jiangsu Province, innovating social management and defining the smaller absolute value as the valley value common service mode, and promoting the sound and rapid development of economy and society

as the first comprehensive access platform for provincial smart city clusters in China, digital China has designed a service application platform for the "smart Jiangsu" portal (), including 1 provincial master station, 13 municipal sub stations and covering counties (cities, districts), covering seven columns, including smart government, smart people's livelihood, smart life, smart community, smart enterprise, smart countryside and smart Youth Olympic Games, which can achieve provincial coverage, Truly serve every urban and rural residents. The platform supports PC, pad, smart and other terminal access methods, and can provide new materials industry based on Android and IOS. As an important part of emerging industries, it will also be included in the 1035 national strategic emerging industry development plan client and pad client, so that anyone can enjoy convenient information applications at any time, anywhere and anytime

it is understood that through this portal, residents can enjoy dozens of information services on basic necessities of life. For example, Tonggang has been trying to depress the price to the mine through the smart people's livelihood service column, which can query real-time road conditions, train queries, water and electricity, personal pension accounts, water and electricity medical insurance, balance and other information; Through government navigation, you can get the most practical government information, such as transportation, housing, public utilities, education, etc. This means that urban and rural residents in Jiangsu Province can get one-stop services including government affairs, economy and people's livelihood through this portal

as the largest integrated IT service provider in China, digital China put forward the "smart city" strategy in 2010, using rich professional knowledge and years of accumulated industry experience, starting from the top-level planning and design of the city, to provide comprehensive operation services for the construction of "smart city" in China. After successfully launching the "smart Jiangsu" portal, digital China will continue to contribute to the construction of "smart Jiangsu" and fully support the smart transformation of Jiangsu in the fields of government affairs, economy, urban and rural social management and public services

it is reported that up to now, digital China's "smart city" layout has been launched in 67 cities across the country, and has signed strategic cooperation framework agreements with 12 cities. It has become a leading "smart city expert in China" with both forward-looking theoretical framework and the most successful cases in the Chinese market

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