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Seymour intelligent manufacturing ecosystem will appear in the Industrial Expo to help China's intelligent manufacturing

[trends of China's intelligent manufacturing enterprises] the most influential international industrial brand exhibition in China's equipment manufacturing industry - China Industrial Expo is about to kick off

the 20th China Industry Expo takes innovation, intelligence and green as the theme, with 280000 square meters, 2631 exhibitors and eight major professional exhibitions, covering the whole industrial chain of intelligent green manufacturing, bringing together China's best manufacturing enterprises, highlighting the strategy of intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and serving manufacturing power

Seymour electric (Stock Code: 300466), as an alliance unit of intelligent manufacturing solutions suppliers in China, will appear at the 20th (2018) China International Industrial Expo to display the industrial interconnection platform and intelligent manufacturing solutions provided by Seymour intelligent manufacturing ecosystem. At that time, let's gather at booth D008 in hall 7.2h of Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center to witness Seymour intelligent manufacturing

Seymour Electric Co., Ltd. is a group company that provides overall solutions for industrial interconnection and intelligent manufacturing systems. The solutions of the company's intelligent factory have been widely used in automotive manufacturing, 3C electronic manufacturing, machinery and equipment manufacturing, and other fields

intelligent manufacturing is a complex system engineering involving industrial automation, informatization, cloud computing and other fields. It requires a combination of multiple professional and multidisciplinary knowledge and technology to complete this project. For this reason, Seymour has integrated excellent companies in the field of intelligent manufacturing for nearly 20 years by holding shares and participating in shares, forming Seymour intelligent manufacturing ecosystem, empowering manufacturing enterprises and helping China's intelligent manufacturing

this exhibition will show the advanced automatic production lines, industrial robots, AGV and other physical equipment applied by smart factories on site, as well as the system solutions such as Seymour industrial interconnection platform, smart factory overall solution, smart logistics and smart power plant. Let the audience experience the changes brought by intelligent manufacturing to enterprises

1. Saimo collaborative manufacturing industrial interconnection platform

. Saimo collaborative manufacturing industrial Internet platform realizes outsourcing e-commerce transactions externally and one-stop enterprise management informatization internally, including information management of automatic printing of experimental reports in the whole process of sales management, product management, plan management, outsourcing management of procurement, warehousing management, etc

all applications are deployed in the cloud to help enterprises realize low-cost informatization; Realize the core business on the cloud, and meet the needs of enterprises to realize the cloud on the station where the sample is impacted. The platform adopts e-commerce design, which is easy to operate and use. The promotion and implementation of this platform will certainly promote the informatization and transformation development of small and medium-sized enterprises, and promote the efficiency improvement, transformation and upgrading of regional manufacturing industry

on September 1, 2018 Yangtze River Delta industrial interconnection summit and the launching conference of G60 science and technology innovation corridor industrial interconnection collaborative innovation project were held in Songjiang, Shanghai. Seymour collaborative manufacturing industrial interconnection platform was selected into the directory of the first batch of industrial interconnection platforms and professional service institutions in nine cities in the Yangtze River Delta. Industrial robots

industrial robots are an important link to realize intelligent manufacturing. Seymour Aipu series professional spraying robots have unique hand-held teaching, automatically generate spraying tracks, no programming, convenient and fast functions, which are deeply loved by users in all industries., The products are widely used in furniture, ceramic sanitary ware, plastic, metal products and other industries, and are committed to providing professional and high price spraying robot products for Yuan Gong of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. of China Jinan experimental machine factory, which has been in our company for more than 10 years

3. Intelligent logistics and warehousing

Seymour can provide customers with special intelligent logistics equipment such as three-dimensional warehouses, AGVs, handling robots, and customized three-dimensional, flexible, cost-effective local intelligence. It can provide comprehensive solutions to the error logistics generated on the instrument panel. It can automatically unload, store and distribute raw and auxiliary materials of the factory; The samples are automatically collected and sent for inspection, and the finished products are automatically packed, stacked, warehoused, stored, sorted and shipped, so as to realize the all-in-one card of material management and the intellectualization of local logistics management

(original title: Seymour intelligent manufacturing ecosystem will appear at the Industrial Expo to help China's intelligent manufacturing!)

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