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The smart lamp pole market is about to burst. How can enterprises make profits

as a key project for the development of smart cities, smart light poles can not only realize intelligent lighting control, save energy, improve management efficiency and reduce management costs, but also most smart light poles have micro 4G LTE base stations, which can handle the huge demand of information flow, and can realize functions such as intelligent monitoring, weather monitoring, charging pile, LED display screen, etc

with the development of IOT technology, smart light poles will be more "smart". Using advanced information, we can see more novel creative ways in Koizumi's works exhibition, such as information perception technology, data communication transmission technology and computer processing technology. Through IOT, all smart light poles form an interconnected huge network. Through the "smart city IOT information integrated management platform", we can sort out and process the big data uploaded by each street lamp, so as to realize all-round real-time management of the city

the management platform is the "brain" of the smart light pole.

since its establishment, Fangda intelligent control has always focused on the R & D and innovation of outdoor smart lighting products and systems. At present, it has a number of world leading patented technologies, and its products are sold to various countries and regions around the world. With the maturity of intelligent lighting control technology, Fangda intelligent control began to develop a smart city management platform based on IOT

at present, Fangda intelligent control has successfully developed an urban IOT information management platform based on smart light poles. The management function is perfect, and a number of technologies are at the forefront of the world, which can be applied to smart lighting, urban landscape lighting, smart street lamp IOT and other fields. It is an important part of smart city construction, especially the successful research and development of multi-functional lamp poles, which integrates smart lighting, reporting IFI hotspots all day on July 13, 2016, environmental information collection, security and road smart monitoring, information release, emergency visual alarm, Microbase The electric vehicle intelligent charging pile and DSRC vehicle monitoring module and other functions realize the collection of urban big data. At the same time, the system platform has an open interface for the access management of third-party systems and the interconnection between systems. Through the integration with the information terminal and function terminal of the smart light pole, it can collect, analyze, process and display data, manage and publish information, and realize the smart management of the city

He Xia, planning manager of Fangda intelligent control, told OFweek semiconductor lighting, "The management platform is the core part of the smart light pole, which can be called the 'brain'. Without the management background, no matter how many functions of the smart light pole can be applied. At present, some system platforms in the market need to install the software of various devices when they are used. For example, when the light pole needs camera, advertising, weather functions, they need to install the software of camera, advertising screen, weather station, etc. customers are using these functions When you can, the use of the software also needs to jump from one to another, which is very inconvenient. "

the smart light pole system of Fangda intelligent control greatly simplifies the use of software. The system realizes data distributed processing, can expand system capacity, supports high concurrent data access, and realizes the access and data interaction of hundreds of millions of IOT nodes. The powerful concurrent data access bearing capacity makes this system fully able to integrate all functions

according to manager he, the smart light pole system developed by Fangda intelligent control has piloted smart light pole projects in Shenyang, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo (Park), Fujian (Park) and other places, involving various application scenarios, and achieved good results. As a representative of smart city construction, he was invited to Guangzhou Tianyi smart ecological Expo, Ningbo smart Expo, Chongqing smart Expo, and the world mobile conference, The world IOT Expo, the world Internet Conference, and Alibaba cloud Qifeng exhibition have been unanimously recognized by the government and all sectors of the industry. In 2018, song Hongwei accompanied the Shanghai municipal Party and government delegation led by Li Qiang, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the Shanghai municipal Party committee, to visit Yunqi Town, Zhejiang Province, and introduced to Secretary Li Qiang the important role played by Fang Dazhi's multifunctional smart light poles in the construction of smart cities

how can enterprises make profits

in recent years, many smart lamp pole projects have been carried out across the country, but most of them are pilot demonstration projects, and the scale of each project is small. Manager he said, "the cost of smart light poles mainly depends on the scale of the project. At present, most of the projects are relatively small, so the product prices are relatively high, and enterprises need high costs to do projects alone. So now most smart light pole projects are still led by the government, and are carried out in cooperation with enterprises. With the scale of smart light poles, their product prices will continue to decline."

the government cooperates with enterprises to invest in the construction of smart light poles. The operation mode and how to make profits have become the focus of attention. In this regard, manager he told OFweek semiconductor lighting, "Now the government also communicates with enterprises on how to operate in order to make profits, such as carrying out data operation business, staff of public security, urban management, transportation, emergency and other departments can carry out mobile law enforcement, collect on-site evidence, and transmit relevant information to relevant platforms in real time through wireless networks, and can communicate with backstage centers in real time to assist in major decisions and disposal; in addition, crowd density monitoring, public opinion monitoring, venting and stability maintenance, and public security Common services and so on all reduce the operating costs of the government. "

"in terms of smart scenic spots and business district applications, businesses and enterprises can also use the big data information collected by wireless networks to carry out precision marketing and advertising push, such as games, shopping, catering, hotels, tourism, etc., greatly enhance the economic value-added of the business district, and achieve a win-win situation between businesses and users. At the same time, the display screen on the smart light pole can achieve comprehensive information release, and this platform is also a powerful tool for the operation of smart light poles." Manager he said

although smart light poles can make profits in many ways, they have very high requirements for their operation, which requires users to provide services that are full of new product development and accelerated implementation of new technologies to meet their real needs. The future smart light pole will be exhibited at the npe2015 exhibition in Orlando, Florida, USA. the technology industry may be divided into two modes: production enterprise and operation enterprise

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