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Smart lighting takes the lead and lights up the road of smart city IOT construction

in recent years, with the continuous acceleration of smart city IOT construction, the smart lighting industry has also developed rapidly. Taking low-carbon, green, energy-saving and environmental protection as the core, urban smart lighting has gradually replaced traditional lighting and become a new growth point of the urban lighting industry with its advantages of intelligent control, personalization and wide application prospects. According to data, the global smart lighting market is expected to reach US $13.427 billion in 2020

road lighting marks the image and development of urban construction, and is one of the municipal infrastructure with the largest density and quantity in the city. On expressways or urban roads, intelligent street lamps are used to replace traditional street lamps, and intelligent urban road lighting systems are used to realize remote control of street lamps, on-demand lighting, real-time status monitoring, etc. through computers, tablets and other terminals. Liaoyuan, chairman and CEO of Broadcom, mentioned: "Each smart street lamp has a unique identity, and the system can preset the switching time of lights in different areas; when the smart street lamp is damaged, it can be positioned by GPS, and the system can actively send orders. Staff can receive the order sending information through the system, SMS, and other ways, and timely repair on time. The movable beam automatically returns to the initial position at high speed; in the road and bridge tunnel, where the lights need to be on all day, the smart street lamp can follow the sun The intensity automatically adjusts the intensity of the light under the bridge; In the tunnel, the automatic brightness adjustment of street lamps can be realized according to the different flow of people and vehicles. While ensuring normal lighting, smart street lamps also reduce the cost of manual inspection, making operation more convenient and management more efficient. There are 50million street lamps in our country. If we use Boda Guangtong intelligent road lighting control system to realize scientific management, we can save 5billion electricity bills every year! "

smart lighting IOT control system realizes the refinement, persistence and informatization management of electric energy through big data means such as power visualization, efficiency analysis of power transformation and distribution system, load management, informatization of electric energy management, and achieves the purpose of reducing emissions and improving management level as a new material. In addition, it also has the following five functional features:

1 Timing control

through the schedule management module, you can set a timing switch for lighting. According to the actual lighting demand, the core of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform in different regions is to improve the production efficiency of the manufacturing industry and reduce the number of artificial street lights. Different switching times can be set

2. Multi terminal, sub region management

multiple administrators can be set in each region according to needs; The administrator connects the lighting control system through computers, tablets, smart terminals, WiFi, mobile networks, broadband networks, etc., monitors the status of lighting equipment anytime and anywhere, and timely handles lighting problems

smart lighting takes the lead and lights up the road of smart city IOT construction

3 Soft start function

adjust the brightness of intelligent lighting through centralized controller or simple keys. When the light is turned on, the light gradually turns from dark to bright; When turning off the light, the light turns from bright to dark to avoid the sudden change of the brightness of the steel pipe scaffold fastener experimental machine produced by our company Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. to stimulate the eyes. At the same time, avoid the impact of large current and high temperature mutation on the filament, protect the bulb, and prolong the service life of the light source by 2-4 times

4. Scene control

for fixed mode scenes, there is no need to switch the light source and adjust the brightness one by one. One key can control a group of lights

5. Installation is convenient, without pipeline construction

no control relationship needs to be considered during the installation of smart city road lighting system. After the installation of the whole system, the address code of each unit can be set through software to establish the corresponding control relationship. Compared with the traditional control method, it saves a lot of cables that originally need to be connected to the ordinary switch, namely, use and install, shortens the installation construction time, and saves labor costs

urban smart lighting has become a reality through continuous technological innovation. At present, smart lighting IOT system can integrate lighting energy saving, video monitoring, electronic screen information release, wireless WiFi, environmental monitoring, single lamp monitoring, electric vehicle charging pile and other functions. In the future, more innovative applications will be derived, which is the wind vane of the whole industry. At present, cities across the country are speeding up the intelligent transformation of traditional street lamps, and smart lighting is taking the lead, which will surely light up the road of smart city IOT construction

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