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Prospects for the development of special printing technology for optical discs

the surface treatment (printing) of optical discs has traditional printing, offset printing (monochrome, chromatic, four-color FM plus) and other processes. Many enterprises once took the lead in the CD printing market with their exquisite craftsmanship, but in the end, there are few young people and many short-lived ones. The main reason is that to become a leader in the industry, operators should not only have a high sense of responsibility, but also have the ability to develop new and exotic products and the spirit of market development. This requires enterprises to develop new technology based on the original CD surface treatment (printing) process, take out the company's "fist" products, expand business channels and improve the company's popularity. The following is the author's feasibility analysis of special printing technology, hoping to enlighten enterprises engaged in CD printing

I. process effect

process name visual effect refractive printing combined with holographic optical refraction and other processes produces a variety of extremely strong flow visual effects such as radiation, light and shade, rotation, etc. each picture is composed of hundreds of thousands of 1:1 lines. The copy has different 360 ° effects due to different light source points, which has strong anti-counterfeiting function. (see Figure) stereo grating printing combines animation, rotation, scaling, variation diagram and other special process effects, and has strong anti-counterfeiting function. Latent image printing can see different potential image contents by changing the visual angle. For example, when facing up, you can only see * * discs, but after changing the angle, you can see the word "anti-counterfeiting". Warm discoloration printing automatically changes the color depth according to the ambient temperature, such as hand temperature discoloration, which can effectively solve the problem. Just put your finger on the disk for 3 ~ 5S, and the color of the part touched by your hand will become dark or white after release, and the color will return to the original state in 5 ~ 10s. Photochromic printing according to the intensity of ambient light, the color will become darker or lighter or even colorless. Suede printing is similar to the suede effect of fabric, with good hand feeling. Scratch Le printing is easy to scrape off, local printing, which is required under special circumstances. Wrinkle printing is similar to fish scale effect, with strong reflective effect and bright and orderly patterns. Bright alternating interlaced patterns are obtained by foaming printing, and each pattern is composed of many uniform foaming points. Fragrance printing can emit a variety of fragrance types, with adjustable BASF providing Brooke with high-performance products and solutions. Coral printing is processed by special technology, and the effect of "coral tree" can be obtained on the surface of the disc. The pattern is obvious, and the dendritic pattern contains small bubbles in the middle. Fluorescent printing can emit brilliant brilliance under sunlight or near ultraviolet light. Luminous printing has the function of absorbing light, and it can self emit light when the light is dim. Mirror printing mirror reflection effect, only mirror gold, mirror gold can develop a variety of colors on the market

II. Cost comparison

the new process combines the traditional process without adding printing equipment. The cost of silk, ink, labor, etc. is close to that of the traditional process. After the new product is launched into the market, its new and special effects will stimulate the market and increase market demand. Due to the strong anti-counterfeiting function of some processes, it also plays a good role in combating piracy. It is estimated that the unit price of products is 1 ~ 3 times higher than that of traditional processes

III. Market Analysis and development

in terms of the management situation of China's audio-visual industry, it is facing the trend of breaking up parts into whole. Several standardized enterprises with promising development and strong technical force are retained to combat piracy and achieve unified management. The special anti-counterfeiting printing process just meets this requirement, which will also become a new revolution in the development history of the optical disc industry

at present, there is no such special printing process for optical discs at home and abroad. After the production of CD samples printed by the new process, we can communicate with customers, introduce its process effect, anti-counterfeiting function, etc., and publicize and promote them through media, postal letter advertising, Internet and other channels. The unique CD products at home and abroad will occupy a larger market

after the launch of the product, it is expected to cause follow-up production. We must make overall arrangements for operation and management, and promote it at the fastest speed. The suggestions are as follows:

1 The product has anti-counterfeiting function, which can safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of customers as the starting point

2. The products have new and unique characteristics, and the samples of new special printing are promoted in the customer group at the same time to increase its sensational effect

3. Take advantage of the competitive characteristics of the customer base to guide, enhance the competitiveness of the company's products, and increase the market capacity

IV. process requirements

this process is a newly developed technology. If it is to be applied to the surface treatment of optical discs, we must consider whether the adhesion between the new ink and the substrate (optical disc) meets the national standard, whether the curing time during high-speed printing is consistent with the performance of material resistance and deformation, how to improve printing, and the relationship between printing effect and silk purpose. These issues need further research Experiment to find out a feasible process plan

to sum up, the new process has great market potential and will play a good role in promoting business orders and the company's development prospects

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