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Smart machines have become "slaughterhouses" plus how to live on feelings

some people say that October this year is the craziest month in the history of the world to boast; Some people also said that in October this year, manufacturers kept taking off their clothes to see who took off more cleanly; It was explained that the standard configuration of accessories in the year ● will be: one set of wedge-shaped stretching accessories, one set of tightening accessories and one set of zigzag accessories, and the number of players will be reduced; Others say that there will be only one manufacturer in the future. Liu zuohu, CEO of Yijia, said that the Chinese market has become a slaughterhouse

in order to avoid being slaughtered, manufacturers have offered thousand yuan machines; In order to complete the year-end assessment, they have reduced prices by 100 yuan or even 1000 yuan. Liu zuohu said on many occasions that he would not make 1000 yuan machines and would not pursue shipments. What embarrassed the Yijia Chinese team was that Liu zuohu had to survive without paying attention

feelings can't trade for shipments

walking into the backstage of the one plus x press conference, Liu zuohu and the staff are busy preparing the content of the speech that the quality of automotive materials determines the service life of the car. This time, Liu zuohu changed his old clothes, put on a vintage high neck sweater and a casual suit, hoping to match this one plus x temperament. Because of the change in style, Liu zuohu was a little nervous. From time to time, he tidied up his clothes and asked everyone if they were OK. It is hard to imagine that Yijia's requirements for the press conference have been detailed to the speaker's hairstyle and dress

this time, one plus x seems to be less pleasant in configuration. One plus X does not use the popular large screen and 5.5-inch screen, which will be a revolutionary curtain in the printing industry, but a 5.0-inch 2.5D glass screen; One plus X does not pursue the lightest and thinnest, but is 1/3 thicker than other manufacturers; One plus X does not use the snapdragon 810 chip that must be equipped with the flagship machine, but 801; One plus X does not have the fingerprint recognition technology adopted by mainstream manufacturers, nor does it have the standard all metal body. Such parameter configuration, one plus x, is priced from 1499 yuan

after the press conference, domestic friends commented that the price of such configuration was too high; But foreign friends exclaimed, why is the price so low. Such a completely different response comes from the different market competition. In the domestic market, large screen, all metal and fingerprint recognition have become the standard configuration of thousand yuan machine. Competition price, competition parameters and competition configuration that users have been educated. Liu zuohu said that Yijia will not follow the market strategies of other brands, but will only focus on the actual needs of users and make good products that meet their own ideas

as for the choice of screen, people from the Yijia x design team told Yi technology that the team had been struggling for a long time. The large screen can have a good publicity point, but in terms of the user's sense of pinch, the 5-inch screen is the most suitable, especially when it is used for a long time. In terms of publicity and users' choices, users' feelings are the most important. One plus x, said the designer

one plus x is not all metal, but a metal middle frame is added to the 2.5D glass screen, and 14 three-dimensional lines are cut off on the middle frame to prevent slipping. Yijia even named this texture Arles texture, so that the reflected light has a flowing beauty, and the thickening is also to bring a better visual experience. It is understood that although it is not all metal, the metal frame of Yijia is twice as expensive as that of all metal

rational users pursue experience rather than configuration. Anyway, I want to stick to my own route. Liu zuohu is stubborn in his pursuit of experience

but the user experience and the feeling of details are a long process, especially in the impetuous market of China. Therefore, Yijia belongs to a company that blooms at home and smells abroad. According to the data released by one plus one, one plus one shipped 1.5 million units, 65% of which were sold overseas

therefore, in order to let users experience more product details personally, Yijia began to layout offline experience stores. At present, 34 experience stores have been opened, which will also have sales functions

the domestic market should survive

a few days ago, the news of the collapse and disappearance of the industrial chain continued, and the cold winter speech was rampant. Industry insiders also predict that next year will be a reshuffle year for the industry, and many brands will disappear. Especially those enterprises with obvious shortcomings

can a slow-moving brand, which believes that the standard has reached the domestic advanced level, survive in this fast-paced market

at present, domestic manufacturers are walking on two legs: dual brand positioning in different markets. For example, Huawei is responsible for the medium and high-end market, and glory is responsible for the medium and low-end market; Qiku technology's qiku brand and Dashen brand are positioned in the cost-effective market and the 1000 yuan machine market respectively. Or layout ecology, LETV's platform + content + terminal + application ecology; Miui+ hardware industry ecological chain of Xiaomi

for these layouts, Liu zuohu said that he would not choose a sub brand and change the brand name; Also play not turn the ecology, and think that the ecology is still in the flickering stage. Therefore, Yijia still insists on winning users who really like Yijia's brand concept and products through high-quality products, and hopes to influence more people through word-of-mouth

this road is very difficult. My requirement for domestic teams is to find a way to survive first, while overseas teams should seize the opportunity appropriately. Liu zuohu said

if you want to live in China, you need to make up for the shortcomings of marketing. It is very difficult to handle marketing. If marketing is done too well, it will lead to a false reputation; If marketing is not enough, it is difficult to experience the real value of the product. Liu zuohu believes that Yijia's product direction is correct, but the team still doesn't know how to pass on the selling points to consumers

in such fierce market competition, is shipment more important to manufacturers or is it more important to adhere to themselves? Perhaps the most important thing is to survive

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