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Prospects and Countermeasures for the development of PET bottle grade chips in China

there has been a serious oversupply of PET bottle grade chips in China. The average operating rate of domestic PET bottle grade chip devices will drop to about 70% in 2005 and will continue for several years. If we want to increase the operating rate, we must work hard to expand new fields, new markets and increase export volume. In the past few years, China has developed many new fields. For example:

since 1998, polyester bottles have gradually replaced PVC and P prestressed concrete with steel strand gb/t 5224 ⑵ 003E as small packaging bottles of edible oil, which is now very common

hot filling and bottling for tea drinks, fruit juice drinks and functional drinks has developed rapidly. Since 1999, domestic hot filling and slicing has increased nearly 34 times

pet sheet is replacing and occupying part of the original PVC sheet market

polyester bottle grade chips are fully penetrated and growing in non food applications, such as cosmetics, sanitary products, medical products, health products, pesticides, etc

the milk bottle market has great potential, but China is still at the starting point of development. Polyester bottles have become popular in the field of milk packaging in Europe and the United States. It is expected that the consumption will rise from 7% to about 20% in the short term. Milk polyester bottle is the most realistic, potential and hard-working new market at present

beer bottles have a large market space and a good record in performance and sustainability, but it may take a long time to develop. In addition to the technical and cost problems of polyester beer bottles, market factors such as hand feeling, vision, hearing, consumption psychology, consumption habits, market entry points and so on are very large promotion resistance, so it is difficult for polyester beer bottles to form a considerable market in the short term

At present, there is a small upsurge in the development of high viscosity chips of industrial silk. Manufacturers generally purchase basic materials to increase viscosity and spin polyester cord. High grade polyester cord is a competitive substitute for nylon cord

the demand for PET film chips will increase greatly. The production capacity of PET film has increased by more than three times in the past two years, which is the largest growth point of non fiber polyester chips in China at present

fortunately, the export volume of bottle grade polyester chips in China has gradually increased in recent years, which is conducive to absorbing the excess supply. Since 2002, the focus of China's pet bottle grade chip has been on the research and development of process chips. The scale, process equipment and product quality of the factory have made considerable progress, and it has the ability to participate in international market competition. Moreover, many domestic factories have begun to try to export PET bottle grade chips. In 2003 alone, the export volume of PET bottle grade chips reached more than 120000 tons, accounting for 8.56% of the domestic production capacity, This export value shows that there is still much room for expansion

affected by the EU's anti-dumping on China's pet bottle grade chips, the export of PET bottle grade chips was blocked in 2004, only 34400 tons, a decrease of 94.27% over the same period in 2003. However, in the second half of 2004, the export volume has rebounded significantly

the production focus of the world's polyester bottle grade chip and polyester bottle packaging industry has shifted or is shifting from North America and Western Europe to Asia, especially to China. This will bring a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and challenge to China's polyester bottle grade chip factory. China's polyester bottle grade chip production capacity accounts for about 30% of the world, and its export volume only accounts for 1.2% of the global demand, which is still at a low level, so it also has great room for improvement

it is the general trend to adhere to the strategy of "developing both inside and outside", actively study international trade rules, deal with various international trade barriers and trade protection measures, and expand the international market and export volume in an all-round way. In addition, it is necessary to develop more new products, such as pen or petnx, P, the construction of steel deep processing base, the mixing of en and pet, etc., to improve the ability to withstand high temperatures, increase gas and UV barriers, enhance mechanical strength, enhance chemical resistance, etc., so as to improve the high quality and performance of polyester bottles and other products, and expand more new market applications. China's beverage and polyester bottle factories should also work hard to make breakthroughs in studying the international market, expanding the international market, brand internationalization, product quality internationalization, and beverage and polyester bottle export

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