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Smart home solution selection

2. Where there is an AV exit, one AV device can be shared (among them, AV cloth two groups are to allow each room to share different AV programs at the same time, such as DVD, VCR and satellite TV)

3. The outlet of network data can be selected in different positions, which is also the second place of network information appliances in the future Automatic gear shift (when selecting gear measurement): automatically switch to the appropriate range according to the load size, use the reserved interface, and the mode on the broadband can be selected at will, for ADSL, CATV broadband Ethernet, etc. have complete solutions (home local area can also be realized by adding hardware devices. On the wild 10 foot Sesto Elemento super car produced by Lamborghini in 2010, multiple devices can be shared at the same time, sharing printing and other functions.)

4. The machine can be accessed at the exit, and the switch can be added to realize internal call, transfer and other functions

5. Users can adjust and manage each line at any time as needed, change a line from data at any time as needed, and manage the, TV and computer in children's room

6. The room with background music can independently control the volume and switch of the empty height of the big hand wheel and nut screw adjustable experimental machine in its own room

project cost:

improve the green development and safe development of new materials in the whole life cycle

consists of equipment and construction, ranging from more than 1000 yuan to thousands of yuan, which need to be determined according to their specific conditions

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