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Are smart home products in danger of being attacked by hackers

smart audio, smart refrigerator, smart door lock, etc., these smart home products are increasingly entering the home, and consumers seem to be able to enjoy convenient and fast automatic services as long as they can easily send instructions through or voice recognition. However, a study by bitkom and Deloitte Consulting shows that smart home products have a great potential risk of being attacked by hackers, which businesses and consumers have seriously ignored

according to the survey, 61% of Germans use other connected devices besides intelligence or computers. "In the next few years, we will use sound to control more and more devices. This is just the beginning of a new multi billion dollar market," said Christopher menak, director of digital transformation at the German digital Association However, with the continuous development of the industry, the security of intelligent products is also causing more and more concerns. It also has the functions of low cycle load cycle, deformation cycle and displacement cycle.

at this year's international consumer electronics exhibition in Berlin, avast, a German digital security company, demonstrated how hackers such as metal impact testing machines and non-metallic spray free materials can replace traditional coating environmental protection materials impact testing machines can attack living rooms equipped with smart devices, such as smart coffee machines attacked by hackers. When the connected smart coffee machine is infected with malware, the display will no longer show the option of coffee concentration, but the request for consumers to buy other products. In the process of waiting for the response, the temperature displayed on the display keeps rising. Hackers can control consumers through such software manipulation, and even make sure that the frequency converter works normally, resulting in equipment damage and fire accidents

obviously, if smart devices are infected in the home network, it will be easy to infect other devices. Network criminals take the opportunity to invade private life territory. Smart coffee machine is a typical case, and smart home speakers and digital assistants are even more terrible. Digital security expert vercek said that if a speaker and a digital assistant are combined, everything can happen through language and reprogramming, and your personal privacy will be exposed

in the era of IOT, the higher the integration of interconnection based devices, the greater the security risk. Smart product manufacturers usually think more about how to make their products more cool and make new products more profitable, but pay little attention to software and security, and rarely consider the digital security problems of consumers, thus laying a hidden danger of digital security

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