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Smart keyboard completely changes the efficiency of the workplace

announced the launch of wey smart touch keyboard. In multi screen workplaces, users need to switch between different systems, and wey SM1 removes test pieces and art touch significantly simplifies the process of all multi screen workplaces. This smart keyboard has a series of amazing features

this multifunctional keyboard is a groundbreaking technology developed and produced by wey and made in Switzerland. It revolutionizes the efficiency of high-performance workplaces, such as control rooms and trading halls. Cutting any number of computers and other information sources into multiple screens and video walls has become unprecedented simple and convenient. In the center of the wey smart touch is a 10 Inch Touch screen, which can automatically adjust the configuration to suit the selected system Instant messaging, two-way radio and video conferencing, as well as external devices and other software applications can be seamlessly integrated. Users can easily manage and control all their interconnected systems and switch between them

headquartered in Switzerland, wey smart touch is not only a product upgrade, but a new and intuitive desktop management concept. Armin Kling, CEO of wey, is widely used in material inspection and analysis of building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wires and cables, rubber and plastics, shock absorbers, textiles, household appliances and other industries. Ler emphasizes its importance: wey smart touch has set a new standard, significantly simplifying the daily process of complex and efficient workplaces

can be operated intuitively by various employees. The programmable design field and interchangeable keyboard on the touch screen can be customized to meet individual needs. The keyboard is equipped with a replaceable snap key board, which sets a new standard for the safety mechanism of a 24-hour working environment. Exercise and customize electricity for the new generation of drivers and passengers, so as to effectively control the time. The automotive brightness sensor significantly improves ergonomics and reduces energy consumption

it is suitable for many applications, such as police and fire departments, emergency services, airports, railway and traffic control centers, trading halls, energy production facilities, industrial environments, multimedia reception areas and smart buildings. Wey smart touch has been sold in more than 40 countries around the world

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