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The first intelligent driverless bus in Pingshan, Shenzhen - "panda bus" was launched

electromechanical home learned that on October 27, in Pingshan Park, Shenzhen national high tech Zone, the intelligent driverless bus - "panda bus" started on time, and the whole journey was uncontrolled. The journey was 12 kilometers and took 45 minutes. This is the first demonstration line of smart car application in Shenzhen. Citizens can scan the code to make free reservations

it is reported that "bear and no need to sample Cat Bus" is embedded with 6 types and dozens of high-precision and high-performance precision sensors. These sensors are the "golden eyes" of "panda bus", which can comprehensively integrate the perception of road conditions, and independently and accurately identify various types of traffic participants such as driving, pedestrians, animals and the road environment under different conditions

"panda bus" applies the high-performance artificial intelligence algorithm independently developed by enterprises, which has become its "artificial intelligence brain". In the process of driving, the "brain" operates at a high speed, and completes the judgment, decision-making and regulation independently. It is also convenient for a series of operation processes such as responsibility planning and vehicle control. With these cutting-edge "black technologies", panda bus finally realizes a series of L4 level automatic driving functions, such as accurate identification, sensing the environment, autonomous path planning, avoiding pedestrians, obstacles and so on. At the same time, it is also a pure electric new energy vehicle, with endurance capacity of No. 3. The necessary check points of the control panel of the rubber electronic universal testing machine reach 250 kilometers

entering the car, "a sense of the future" is coming. "Panda cub" is equipped with a "palmprint recognition system", and passengers can "brush their hands and ride". The camera in the car can identify and analyze all kinds of abnormal behaviors that are happening in the car. If theft, smoking, falling and other behaviors are identified and monitored, the system will record the physical characteristics of the behavior executor, and the background will immediately broadcast an early warning, so that the safety officer can deal with various situations in time and provide help

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