The hottest smart lock market has quietly opened,

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The smart lock market has been quietly opened, and three hurdles need to be overcome to enter the home

smart lock refers to a lock that is different from traditional mechanical lock, and is more intelligent in terms of user identification, security and management. The intelligent lock is made of electronic technology, integrated circuit design, a large number of electronic components, and a variety of innovative identification technologies. At present, smart locks from March 12 to 14, 2019 mainly include password locks, induction locks, electromagnetic locks and biological locks

product classification of smart locks: ① password locks unlock through passwords, which can be divided into mechanical password locks and keyboard password locks. ② Induction lock IC card lock: it is also divided into contact IC card lock and non-contact IC card lock. For the contact type, the card should be inserted into the lock seam. For the non-contact type, it is not necessary to contact the internal card reader of the chip lock. Just lean the card against the card reader of the lock. ③ Electromagnetic lock: it is made of electromagnetic principle. The electromagnetic force is up to hundreds of kilograms. Under the locked state, ordinary people can't pull it apart. The fatal point is that the door cannot be closed after power failure, so it is generally used in the guarded access door. For the room door, it needs to be used together with the mechanical lock. ④ Biometric lock: with the development of biometric technology, fingerprint lock, palmprint lock, optic film recognition lock and so on appear

taking fingerprint lock as an example, fingerprint, as a unique biological password, is widely used on the lock, making it as convenient to open the door as opening the iPhone screen with fingerprint, which greatly improves the security level and convenience. Fingerprints will not worry about being stolen. The overall supply and demand pattern of the paper industry is still stable or copied, so the security is higher; When you go out, you don't have to check repeatedly whether you have forgotten your key; At work or in other places, you can check the access of family members through the app of smart lock; When checking the visits of relatives and friends through the visual camera, use remote unlocking; It can also manage the fingerprint passwords of multiple smart locks on the app; Renting a house can automatically add or remove the tenants' fingerprints without changing the lock cylinder; In particular, family fingerprints can be stored on the "private cloud"

intelligent fingerprint lock has the advantages of safety, convenience and fashion. On April 5, 2012, China Bayer will certify manufacturers in the application of water-based Pu technology. According to the classification of the smart home system product classification Guide Manual issued by the Intelligent Committee of the National Interior Decoration Association, smart home system products are divided into 20 categories based on different materials and samples, one of which is electric lock access control. Convenience is the biggest feature of intelligent fingerprint lock compared with mechanical lock. It relieves the shackles of keys on people, and people no longer have to worry about taking keys out and losing keys with their families. In addition, the high security of intelligent fingerprint lock is also a factor that more and more consumers can accept. At present, the lock cylinder of household mechanical lock is still at the level of a or B security, while the fingerprint lock basically adopts super-B or C lock cylinder. The electronic anti-theft lock body improves the performance of anti prying and anti violent removal, and improves the safety level of home

the application of smart locks is becoming more and more extensive

with the continuous development of the smart home industry, the popularization speed and degree of smart home continue to accelerate and expand, and people's acceptance continues to improve with the development of informatization. When the market demand changes, many home appliance enterprises, it enterprises and security enterprises have transformed and joined this emerging market, launching a series of smart home products, further accelerating the popularity of the market. Smart lock is an early smart product born under the smart home boom. You can enter the door without a key, and you can only enter the door after brushing your face. This scene once seen in science fiction movies has now entered life

centralized apartments have advantages with intelligent locks

centralized apartments will use ordinary door locks, which are difficult to manage in a decentralized manner, so they will use door locks to manage through a dynamic door lock control mechanism. For long-term rental apartments, it's not the problem of choosing locks, but how to choose locks with low cost and how to help you reduce labor costs and improve labor efficiency. Think from the perspective of collectivization. For decentralized mode, we should consider that the door lock is a pit to prevent cashier. From an ecological perspective, smart door locks can help us retain customers and bring new benefits

hotel smart locks help upgrade intelligence

today, when the service industry tends to be intelligent, especially in the comprehensive service industry that has realized the Dalian lock system, if you are only satisfied with controlling TV, curtains, lights, door locks, it will be out. The concept of smart hotel just thrown out a short time ago is quite "windy": in the future, when guests come to the hotel and shake it, the door of the reserved room will open, and what comes to their faces is the pre created atmosphere based on the experience habits collected in his social platform and check-in history

the general trend of entering the smart home ecosystem

with the deepening of the market, entering the smart home ecosystem has become the general trend of the smart door lock industry in the future. If smart TV is an entrance to home entertainment, then smart door lock will enter the smart home industry as a gatekeeper. According to the market observation and analysis, at present, the smart door lock is mainly anti-theft, and the first key problem of anti-theft smart door lock is that the safety performance must be effectively guaranteed. The second is to make it easier for users to use the product, which is safe, reliable and beautiful

the outbreak of the household intelligent lock industry still needs to overcome three major difficulties

the future and application of the smart market have been launched, and for household use, whether it can eventually go to thousands of households still needs to overcome three major difficulties: quality control, channel and service

quality control: the production process and technology of intelligent locks are more complex than ordinary mechanical locks. The performance and quality of intelligent locks will be affected by lock manufacturers, cloud service providers, fingerprint algorithm technology, APP program development, communication protocols, batteries and other factors in the industrial chain. At present, some small factories in the market buy modules and rush to the production line after assembly

in fact, as an optical electromechanical integrated product, intelligent lock must have more than three years of process manufacturing experience to ensure the stability and precision of molds and accessories; Only by realizing mass production can we reduce the marginal cost of smart locks and change the current high price of smart locks. Intelligent lock requires high accuracy of fingerprint algorithm. The key to fingerprint unlocking is to improve the unlocking speed while reaching the same high-precision algorithm. As the preservation, identification and update of fingerprints depend on "cloud services", the "cloud" end has become the hub of intelligent lock to realize intelligent functions such as remote unlocking, false lock alarm, message push, message record query, etc., so the selection of cloud service providers is also particularly important

channel off: at present, most smart locks choose the sales form of crowdfunding or direct selling in the mall. This pure e-commerce model ignores the value of traditional channels. In order to realize the rapid popularization of smart locks in a short time, we should vigorously integrate the offline mature dealer channel resources. In the early stage of market development, most consumers are still unfamiliar with smart locks. Installing smart locks is a rational decision of families. Blindly online promotion and hard advertising promotion mode may be difficult to work. It is more grounded for smart lock to open direct experience stores, or cooperate with home building materials, hardware stores, store display stores and other channels to drive sales with on-site experience

service level: in different regional environments, there will be different standards for fire protection, cold protection, rain protection, etc. of intelligent locks; The conditions for installing smart locks into the home are different. For example, the thickness of anti-theft doors is different, and the matching requirements are also different. Professional after-sales personnel are required to provide door-to-door service for the installation or maintenance of smart locks

as the popularization of smart locks is the general trend, some new smart lock brands have emerged in the market. Regardless of the mass production capacity, huge capital investment is needed in the implementation of services. In this regard, lock companies that started from traditional enterprises show comparative advantages. The o2o mode of online and offline two wheel drive is more suitable for intelligent lock sales and services. For example, intelligent worry free service platform can send orders online, and then offline suppliers or service personnel can provide after-sales services

in the long run, the trump card of competition in the smart lock market will depend on the quality of the product supply chain and the offline service system. The stronger the foundation is, the more brand premium and trust of home users can be obtained; When it is extended to other smart home fields, it has stronger potential energy. Whether smart lock can become a breakthrough in smart home and shoulder the important task of connecting home IOT remains to be tested by the market

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