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The development prospect and market scale of cutting-edge transportation systems

using the latest information and communication technology to realize automatic driving of cars is no longer a dream, but to increase its strength and wear resistance through appropriate heat treatment processes (quenching and tempering, carburizing and quenching, etc.) Sometimes, special steel is inlaid at the jaw, or steel sand is sprayed on the jaw surface At present, a large project jointly developed by the Japanese government and the private sector - cutting edge road traffic system (ITS)

the cutting-edge road traffic system includes four aspects: first, strengthen the high accuracy of vehicle navigation system and VICS system that provides traffic jam information; Second, the ETC system that automatically collects toll road fees; Third, the AHS system that judges the road conditions and induces vehicles to drive; Fourth, the automatic driving ASV system

at present, Japan's car navigation system has been put into use, and the ETC system, which automatically collects tolls for toll roads, is also planned to be put into use. The ETC system developed in Japan can transmit IC card information to the wireless receiving device of the toll station through the radio waves in the car, and pay the fee automatically. Using this system can reduce unnecessary procedures for cross construction by more than 100 construction personnel, such as parking, collecting money, changing money, etc., and the traffic volume can be increased by five times, thus solving the traffic jam problem to a great extent. In addition, unlike Europe and the United States, the ETC system developed by Japan receives signals in both directions. In the future, Japan will also consider charging a certain fee to provide music and image software to vehicles. By the end of this year, this automatic toll collection system will be applied to the undersea Expressway across Tokyo Bay and part of the capital expressway

Japan also plans to realize auto driving by 2000. To this end, sensors should be set on both sides of the road to detect obstacles and feed back the road information to the vehicle. Secondly, an intelligent car body should be designed, which has the functions of automatically maintaining a safe distance, preventing drivers from dozing off and supporting the development of lightweight vehicles. The Japan Electronics and Communications Technology Review Council predicts that by 2005, the cumulative market size of Japan's domestic its system will reach 60 trillion yen, and the market size in 2015 will be 7.36 trillion yen, of which the market size of music, game software, travel guide and other information services is 4.77 trillion yen, accounting for more than half of the whole, At that time, you can buy music software in the car and book hotel rooms, which can bring an annual economic effect of 3 trillion yen in solving traffic jams and preventing accidents. (end)

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