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Problems and solutions in the use of cartons

there are two main problems in the use of cartons: first, fat or bulging; 2、 Carton damage. We analyze the causes of the problem as follows:

first, the causes of the problem

(I) fat or bulging

1 Improper selection of ridge type

the height of tile a is the highest. Although the same paper has good performance of withstanding vertical pressure, it is not as good as type B and type C in withstanding plane pressure. After a-tile cartons are loaded with products, during transportation, the cartons will be subject to horizontal and vertical vibration. The repeated impact between the packaging and the cartons will make the carton wall thinner, resulting in fat or bulging

2. Impact of stacking finished shovel plates

when products are stacked in the finished product warehouse, they are usually stacked very high, usually two shovel plates high. During the stacking of cartons, the strength change of cartons, especially the bottom cartons, is a creep process, which is characterized by the relatively stable load acting on the cartons in a considerable period of time. The cartons will produce continuous bending deformation under static load. If the static pressure is maintained for a long time, the cartons will collapse and damage. Therefore, the lowest cartons stacked on the shovel often swell and some of them are crushed. When the carton is under vertical pressure, the central deformation of the carton surface is the largest, and the crease after crushing appears as a parabola, which is bulging. The test shows that when the corrugated box is under pressure, the strength at the four corners is the best, and the strength at the midpoint of the transverse edge is the worst. Therefore, the foot of the upper shovel plate is directly pressed in the middle of the carton, forming a concentrated load in the middle of the carton, which will cause the carton to crack or permanent deformation. In addition, due to the too wide gap of the shovel plate, the corner of the carton falls in, which will cause the carton to be fat or bulging

3. The exact size of the carton height is not determined.

the carton height of carbonated beverage boxes and water tanks is generally determined as the bottle height of the bottles containing the contents plus about 2mm. As the cartons are stacked, they bear static loads for a long time, and are impacted, vibrated and bumped during transportation, the thickness of the carton wall is increased, the antifreeze facilities are thinner, and a part of the height is increased, making the carton height much higher than the bottle height, so the fat or bulging of the carton is more obvious

(II) a large number of carton damages are mainly due to the following factors:

1 The size design of the carton is unreasonable

the length, width and height of the carton are closely related to the damage of the carton. The size of the carton is generally determined according to the number of bottles to be packed and the bottle height. The length of the box is the diameter of the number of bottles in the rectangular direction, the width of the box is the diameter of the number of bottles in the width direction, and the height of the box is basically the height of the bottle. The perimeter of the four sides of the box is equivalent to the entire side wall supporting the pressure load of the carton. Generally, the longer the perimeter is, the higher the compressive strength is, but this increase is not proportional. If the circumference of the four sides is too large, that is, the number of bottles of the contents is relatively large, the gross weight of the whole box of products is large, and the requirements for cartons are also high. It is necessary to have high compressive strength and bursting resistance to ensure the use performance of cartons. Otherwise, cartons are more likely to be damaged in the circulation process. In the market, the 596ml 24 bottle pure water tank is the most damaged of all cartons, because its gross weight is large and it is a single tile carton, which is prone to damage in the process of circulation

when the length and width of the carton are the same, the height has a greater impact on the compressive strength of the empty carton. With the perimeter of the four sides of the carton unchanged, the compressive strength decreases by about 20% with the increase of the carton height

2. The thickness of corrugated board can not meet the requirements

because the corrugated roller will be worn during use, the thickness of corrugated board can not meet the specified requirements, making the compressive strength of the carton low, and the strength of the carton will also decline

3. Corrugated deformation of carton

produce corrugated deformation, and then disassemble the test workpiece; The paperboard itself is soft, with low plane strength and rigidity. The corrugated box made of such paperboard has low compressive strength and puncture strength. Because the shape of corrugated board is directly related to the compressive strength of corrugated board. The shape of corrugated is generally divided into U type, V type and UV type. U-shape has good extensibility, elasticity and high energy absorption. Within the elastic limit, it can still be restored to its original state after the pressure is eliminated, but the flat compression strength is not high because the force point of the arc is unstable. The V-shape has small contact with the paper surface, poor adhesion, and is easy to peel off. With the help of the resultant force of the two oblique lines, the stiffness is good and the flat compression strength is large. Special data processing software is adopted, but if the external force exceeds the pressure limit it bears, the ridge shape is damaged, and it cannot be restored to its original state after the pressure is eliminated. UV type takes the advantages of the above two kinds of corrugated type. It has high pressure resistance, good elasticity and elasticity recovery. Through these, it greatly improves the cohesion of the team, the sense of belonging and the ability of employees to get a sense of achievement. It is an ideal corrugated type

4. Unreasonable design of cardboard layers of cartons

unreasonable design of cardboard layers will lead to an increase in the damage rate of outer packaging cartons. Therefore, the number of cardboard layers used in the carton should be considered according to the weight, nature, stacking height, storage and transportation conditions, storage time and other factors of the packed goods

5. The adhesive strength of the carton is poor

to judge whether the carton is well bonded, as long as the adhesive surface is torn by hand. If the original paper surface is found to be stripped, it indicates that the paper is well bonded; If there is no torn paper fiber or white powder at the bonding place of the ridge peak, it indicates that it is false adhesion, which will cause the low compressive strength of the carton and affect the strength of the whole carton. The adhesive strength of carton is related to the grade of paper, the preparation of adhesive, manufacturing equipment and process operation

6. The printing design of carton is unreasonable

the corrugated shape and structure of corrugated board determine the bearing pressure of corrugated board. Printing will cause certain damage to corrugated board, and the size of pressure and bearing area is a major factor affecting the compressive strength of cartons. If the printing pressure is too high, it is easy to crush the corrugated and reduce the corrugated height. Especially when printing at the line pressing position, in order to carry out forced and clear printing at the line pressing position, the whole cardboard will be crushed and the compressive strength of the carton will be greatly reduced. Therefore, printing here should be avoided as far as possible. When printing pictures and texts on or around the full board of the carton, in addition to the compression effect of the embossing roller on the corrugated board, the ink also has a wetting effect on the paper surface, which reduces the compressive strength of the carton. Generally, when cartons are fully printed, their compressive strength decreases by about 40%

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