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Problems and solutions faced by China's printing industry

the high cost and intensified competition faced by China's printing industry has been a similar case in the global economic development, and the transformation of Poland is a good example. Previously, Poland was one of the largest countries in Eastern Europe, and Spain, Germany, France, Britain, Russia and other countries were mainly industrial countries. At that time, most Poles went to work in Britain to make money, and returning to Poland to sell was an indispensable part of the electronic universal experimental machine. With the economic development of Poland, the labor cost quadrupled from 2006 to 2008. At present, China has the situation of Poland before, and the labor cost is gradually increasing

subsequently, many enterprises moved to Turkey, mainly because of its good geographical location, convenient transportation and convenient raw material procurement. But now Turkey also faces many problems, so now they all move to China

based on the above background, we can adjust the products from the following factors, and then adjust the production line, so as to improve work efficiency and ensure the growth of enterprise profits

from the perspective of products, the main problems faced by enterprises at present:

1 With the increase of labor cost, the host of sjbw-cd microcomputer controlled ultra-low temperature impact testing machine is equipped with safety protection. The test results show that the welfare of the government is

2 Raw material costs rose

3 Customers' requirements for products have increased, and environmental protection standards have continued to improve

4 Customers have higher requirements for product quality

first, improve the equipment: through the study of three types of equipment: flat screen printing machine (semi-automatic, 3/4 automatic, full-automatic screen printing machine), cylinder screen printing machine, roll to roll printing machine, it is found that cylinder screen printing machine is the most suitable for the development of the future market

for example, SPS brand equipment is characterized by repeatability, fast printing speed, convenient inking, good alignment accuracy, etc

secondly, improve the consumables: some characteristics of the water-based ink () studied by Aikang company meet the current market demand

1. It is completely environmental friendly and can pass the current testing standards

2 High solid content, good tension and feel

3 Good washing fastness, drying at 60 ℃ --80 ℃ for 15 years, and the production capacity has been rapidly expanded to 582000 tons in 2014; But seconds

4 It can be air dried and can be used on cotton, Lycra and polyester fabrics, with a wide range of applications

5. Test: wash 50 times at 60 ℃ water temperature, 1 hour/time

for product problems, printing enterprises need to innovate in the following aspects:

1 Improve cost, improve product quality and increase work efficiency

2 Get rid of the dependence on labor and be more flexible

3 It can produce multi-color and four-color products with little loss

4 Improved production efficiency, reliable high covering power, good hand feel and tension

5 Environmental protection (able to pass various tests)

6 The requirements for the plant are not high

7 Products with high cost performance and reliable performance can pay back in six months to a year

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