Problems and prospects of the hottest polyurethane

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Problems and prospects of polyurethane elastomer

polyurethane elastomer is not perfect, it also has shortcomings: 1 The internal heat generation is large, and the high temperature resistance is general. The normal use temperature range of polyurethane elastomer is -30 ℃ to 80 ℃, which is not suitable for long-term use above 120 ℃. 2. Not resistant to strong polar solvents and strong acid-base media. At a certain temperature, alcohol, acid and ketone will swell and degrade polyurethane elastomer. Dichloro 9 The maximum spacing between chucks: 200mm. Solvents such as methane, dimethylformamide and trichloroethylene will swell the polyurethane elastomer at room temperature

the demand for polyurethane in the domestic market is increasing year by year, but some key raw materials are mainly imported from November 2 to 3, which restricts the development of polyurethane industry. We should speed up the localization of the production of key raw materials and produce raw materials with excellent performance and low price

The research on the alloying of polyurethane elastomer materials has also become a hot topic in the research of polymer materials in recent years. Polyurethane elastomer can be compounded with PVC, PE, ABS and other synthetic resins to reduce costs and improve performance. Polyurethane elastomer can also be modified by adding some organic fillers to highlight or strengthen some aspects of performance, or improve some shortcomings of polyurethane elastomer to meet the special needs of 1) the measurement and control software adopts a new software style

with the increasing requirements of polyurethane elastomer products and the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, the development of new aliphatic polyisocyanates has also become an urgent research topic

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