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Rural fire problems and preventive measures

in recent years, rural fires have occurred frequently, and the number of economic losses and casualties has increased year by year, which has had a great impact on rural economic construction and social stability. In this regard, the author conducted an investigation in rural areas and found that there are several reasons for the frequent occurrence of rural fires:

first, farmers' awareness of fire safety is not strong and their awareness of prevention is poor. Many farmers pile up a lot of firewood in front of and behind their houses; Farmers' houses are adjacent to each other without any separation facilities; It is very common for children to play with fire, adults to smoke, throw cigarettes and start trying to modify the head of the mixture formula. These phenomena increase the possibility of fire. After a fire, it is very easy to cause a large area of fire

second, there is a lack of fire-fighting facilities and water. In case of fire in rural areas, water is still splashed, and there are no other fire-fighting facilities, so the fire-fighting water is very scarce

third, there is a lack of unified leadership and clear. Fire safety system is still a blank paper in rural areas, let alone preventive measures

fourth, the management of rural power consumption is relatively chaotic. In the past two years, although the power sector has made great efforts to carry out agricultural transformation, which has improved rural electricity and has been included in the 1035 national strategic emerging industry development plan by the state, the phenomenon of disorderly pulling, disorderly connecting, aging lines and overloaded power consumption is still quite common, especially the indoor lighting lines are pulled more casually, and fires caused by electrical lines occur from time to time

fifth, the fire resistance rating of buildings is low, and brick wood structure buildings still account for more than 50%

sixth, private enterprises lack fire protection planning. The establishment of the plant relies on personal ideas, where they think and where they will be built, without considering fire safety matters at all, let alone providing relevant fire-fighting facilities and carrying out fire safety education

in view of the reasons for the occurrence and development of rural fires, the author believes that the following preventive measures should be taken:

first, strengthen the construction of fire protection organizations. All counties and districts should set up a joint meeting on rural fire protection work, which is in the charge of the government and competent leaders, and the heads of public security, fire protection, agriculture, civil affairs and other relevant departments should participate in, so as to actively promote the development of local rural fire protection work. All towns and townships should establish a leading group for rural fire protection work under the unified leadership of the government, led by the public security police station and jointly participated by the heads of village committees and township enterprises. Each village committee should set up a fire safety organization to clarify the fire safety workers. The specific organization can also carry out fire prevention publicity and education, fire safety inspection and patrol, and supervise and urge the elimination of fire hazards. We should give full play to the supervisory role of the villagers' representative meeting, regularly evaluate the implementation of fire safety management responsibilities by the villagers' committee, and form a rural fire protection working mechanism in which township government leaders, village committees are specifically responsible, and village run enterprises, individual owners, and villagers' representatives participate in and jointly manage

II. Establish and improve the fire control system. It is necessary to gradually establish and improve various fire safety systems, such as rural fire protection work system, fire protection regular meeting system, fire protection publicity, education and training system, fire protection inspection and patrol system, fire equipment management and maintenance system and warning system

third, we should speed up the establishment of various forms of fire brigade. Towns and townships with conditions can set up full-time and part-time fire brigades and volunteer fire brigades, equipped with fire-fighting vehicles and necessary fire-fighting equipment; The village committee should organize the backbone militia and young backbone to establish a voluntary fire brigade. Villages with a relatively good economic foundation and relatively concentrated enterprises can establish various forms of full-time fire brigade according to the needs of fire work

IV. increase the construction of fire-fighting facilities and improve the fire-fighting environment. All towns and villages shall incorporate the safety layout of residential houses and enterprises, the construction of fire fighting passages and fire water sources into the overall planning of towns and villages and the construction planning of villages in accordance with the code for fire protection design of rural buildings and relevant technical specifications

v. carry out various forms of publicity and education. All township governments should incorporate fire protection laws and regulations into local law popularization education, carry out fire safety education in a planned way, and improve farmers' legal concept of fire protection; The education department should incorporate fire safety education into the quality education of rural primary and secondary school students, and make it an excellent choice for pumps and some other uses by improving the fire quality of students, so as to improve the overall quality of villagers; Agriculture and science and technology departments should strengthen the development of rural science and technology, vigorously promote harmless treatment technologies such as straw returning to the field and straw conversion, guide farmers to use straw scientifically, and avoid fire accidents caused by burning straw

at present, the development of rural economy is uneven. All regions should carry out fire safety work according to local conditions in combination with local reality and local characteristics. Fire protection work involves all aspects, and all functional departments should actively cooperate and support, so as to improve the overall ability of rural areas to resist fire

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