Most popular consumer goods rise in price by packa

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In the face of the pressure of rising costs and prices of raw materials, packaging, transportation and other costs, many brands familiar to consumers have played slimming games and sold in the way of reduction without price reduction

in the market, the net weight of braised beef noodles was reduced from 127 grams to 122 grams, the instant noodles of seashells and fresh shrimp was changed from 113 grams to 107 grams, and the stewed chicken noodles with mushrooms was changed from 99 grams to 9 grams. The new national standard has six characteristics: 5 grams. The net content of many drinks has also shrunk this year. Most of the unified fresh oranges have changed from a straight barrel to a spiral shape, while the fruit orange, Suntory fresh orange juice and tea research workshop have changed into a small waist one after another. The beverage capacity after the transformation is less than that before, but the price has not decreased

insiders said in January this year that this method of raising prices in disguised form by changing packaging has been particularly popular in the food and beverage industry in the past two years, because this method can minimize the risk of market share loss caused by price increases in the event of a collision

it is understood that in recent years, the prices of sugar, PET bottles, cans and other raw materials have increased one after another. Taking aluminum as an example, at the beginning of last year, it was 1800 yuan/ton, and now it has reached 2800 yuan/ton -3000 yuan/ton; The price of international concentrated orange juice soared from $870 per ton in early 2005 to $2500 - $3000; The price of plastics is also rising with the development of the industry

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