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Without suitable substitutes, consumers still prefer plastic bags

"plastic restriction order" no longer allows businesses to provide plastic bags for customers for free, but charges. The main technical indicators of the commercial bridge expansion joint mechanical performance testing machine: of course, families are willing to sell it at cost price or not. Anyway, the income must have increased. Therefore, it is mainly consumers who have views on the "plastic restriction order". Over the years, consumers have long been used to using plastic bags for free. Therefore, the mandatory "plastic restriction order" is equivalent to a tax on all consumers using plastic bags in the country, although the income from the sale of plastic bags belongs to businesses

the problem is that the effect of this kind of compulsory taxation is not necessarily as ideal and wonderful as expected by policy makers, but rather must be doubted when concrete is broken

plastic bags cost money, but in reality, they increase consumers' shopping costs. Consumers are sensitive to price increases and cost increases. At the beginning, consumers will temporarily reduce the use of plastic bags due to the plastic restriction order, as mentioned in "significantly less". But this is only an initial reaction. After a period of adaptation, people's preferences will change, consumers will recognize the charged plastic bags, and the number of plastic bags used will slowly return to or close to the original but state. Because consumers find that they can't find a substitute for plastic bags

I don't know what the decision-making process of this policy involving the interests of almost all consumers is, and how many of them have been consulted. However, it is obvious that the policy makers have not considered the alternatives of plastic bags thoroughly. Although plastic bags are harmful to the environment, they are widely used all over the world, which is the result of rational choice by businesses and all consumers, that is, the market. Plastic bags have many advantages. For example, it is very clean, easy to carry, easy to place, not afraid of flooding, and more importantly, it is very cheap. Even if it is charged, the price is quite low, only a few cents

other shopping tools, whether degradable starch bags, paper bags or cloth bags, cannot be compared with plastic bags. They are not only more expensive than plastic bags, but also have other problems, such as cutting trees, destroying vegetation and causing soil erosion if paper making is not done well; Weaving also has the problem of polluting water. The main defect is inconvenience. When shopping, consumers not only care about the goods themselves, but also consider whether it is convenient and try to save transaction costs. This is the reason why supermarkets replace traditional stores to dominate the world. When you buy something, you can't just carry it away empty handed. If you don't buy a bag on the spot, do you have to take a few cloth pockets with you every time you go to the mall? The plastic restriction order has created shopping troubles for consumers. It's too troublesome to prepare bags by yourself. It needs to be cleaned from time to time. It's the most cost-effective to buy on-site

not only consumers are using plastic bags, but producers are probably using more. Without plastic packaging, many production is simply unimaginable. Therefore, the implementation of the "plastic restriction order" is an insurmountable mountain

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