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A number of Companies in Qingdao gathered to establish a green glass industry alliance

it was learned from the Qingdao Municipal Commission of economy and information technology that recently, Qingdao Jinjing Co., Ltd., Qingdao Jinnuo special glass Co., Ltd., Taiwan Glass Group Qingdao Glass Co., Ltd. wood testing machine for motor 1 integrated products division, Qingdao Hengda Glass Technology Co., Ltd Qingdao jinxiuqiancheng Energy Saving Glass Co., Ltd. six leading glass enterprises in Qingdao have initiated the establishment of Qingdao green glass industry alliance to jointly realize the effective connection of upstream and downstream industrial chains, meet the needs of Qingdao green building market, and jointly develop strategic new glass materials

these six enterprises are members of the glass professional committee of Qingdao Building Materials Industry Association. The alliance implements a strong alliance, gathering advantageous enterprises and rich production resources in Qingdao's glass industry

glass, as a material with a wide range of uses, has developed rapidly in recent years. It not only has a large demand space in traditional fields such as real estate, but also has strong applications in some emerging fields through the research and development of new materials. In terms of industrial development, Qingdao is also a place where glass enterprises gather. In the north of Huangdao District, large glass enterprises such as Jinjing, Hengda, Taiwan glass and even subordinate enterprises of international glass giants have gathered. In recent years, the newly launched glass projects are also sharp. Among them, Qingdao jinxiuqiancheng energy-saving glass Co., Ltd. has invested billion yuan to introduce international advanced glass deep processing equipment from Germany, Austria and South Korea, and is committed to producing a new generation of green, low-carbon, energy-saving and environmental friendly Low-E energy-saving glass. This production line is provided by world-class equipment manufacturers such as Laibao and bentele, and is equipped with 15 groups of cathodes A large vacuum magnetron sputtering coating production line with an annual capacity of more than 3million square meters

the establishment of an alliance among Qingdao glass enterprises can, on the one hand, form a joint force to develop new materials suitable for the needs of the market, and on the other hand, avoid the low-level competition among the industry caused by the excessive scale of the tightening industry after the production positioning. It is understood that members of Qingdao green glass industry alliance are key backbone enterprises in Qingdao's deep-processing glass industry, and their production equipment and comprehensive product quality have reached a high standard level. Jinjing's "motor car glass" and Henda's "vacuum glass" are internationally leading high-end products; The energy-saving indicators of offline low radiation coated glass of jinxiuqiancheng and Taiwan Glass have reached the domestic leading level

in the future, alliance enterprises will realize deep cooperation and become a real alliance. On the one hand, the alliance enterprises will complement the advantages of production equipment and products, give full play to the role of existing production equipment, and implement the effective connection of upstream and downstream industrial chains, so as to meet the needs of various deep-processing glasses required by the construction market and the green building market in Qingdao. On the other hand, the alliance will also continue to expand its team, absorb some excellent glass processing enterprises, reasonably integrate the resources of the glass industry, highlight the advantages of the glass industry, break through the "bottleneck" of industrial development, and explore a new path of transformation and upgrading and win-win cooperation for the development of green building materials and strategic new glass materials, and for the further expansion of green building supporting fields

through the industry university research cooperation between Nanjing University of technology and Nanjing xuankai company, China glass () Department

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